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I'm planning on hosting at least one dinner party while on the Whole30. The group I plan to host I believe will be very open to a Whole30 compliant menu. I'm thinking for after-dinner-sitting-around-the-table to serve herbal tea or an herbal tea spritzer. Would this be compliant, or is the idea to be done when you're done and not drag out meals?

Also, I think it would be awesome to have a Whole30-Compliant Entertaining forum. I would love to see what others do who are hosting dinner parties.

Thanks for being so helpful and responsive to my forum postings!

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You're totally fine with a herbal tea or something like that after dinner, especially as this is a dinner party. People celebrate and interact over food. It's one of the reasons why people are SO passionate about food choices (like politics and religion).

Many Europeans stay at the dinner table for HOURS, just talking and digesting. Americans rush through everything; much to our detriment (in a number of ways)

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