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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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Katie....I just PM'd you my FB name....so invite me and friend me....great idea....

It is 6:25am and I am heading out for a run because....it is already sweltering hot out there. Somebody sent pics of a party I was at last weekend and I look like a moose!!!! I was feeling all svelt :) but then looked at some pics of my petite friends who have wonderful figures and they looked fat in alot of shots too...it seems if you are closest to the camera on an angle, you get the "moose shot"....

I hate having my pic taken....hate hate hate...I have such Body Image issues! But honestly ladies, I am definitely changing body comp and fatty tissue so I have to give myself credit where credit is due....You know somedays we are just feeling low and not good....Well I have ventured into sleeveless shirts this summer. I have fat arms but they are one inch slimmer according to my measuring tape. Still have two inches to go but I will take it! Enough blathering and off to run.

Casey, you are wonderful to take you child out to the festivities and sit in sprinklers...I would have opted to sit inside in air conditioning so go you! You are right also....why count days. Let's just do it every day.....

Katie: thanks for thinking about the FB thing. Can't wait to begin that group.

Jen: hope your bug issue is resolving

Katherine: how is that Lobster fest going?

Ellie: Dull knives to cut with....I would have to injure myself with them.... :)

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I'm in! I'll just PM Katie my FB deets.

Donna, my boyfriend is also British, living and working in London at the mo. I'm just here until the end of August, working at a paid internship. He's coming out to join me for the last few weeks as I finish up my project and then we're going for a holiday in Chicago, before flying back to the UK just in time for the next semester (I'm also a PhD student).

Day 30 (fanfare!)

B - Egg scrambled with crabmeat (not so great tbh), avocado, heart of palm

S - Berries and coconut cream

L - Leftover pork tenderloin with big salad

D - Well Fed's utterly amazing green beans, coconut and almond recipe, with some sautéed sausage

S - Major munchies... parma ham, some more sausage

That's that! Begin again tomorrow!

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I just wanted to stop by, and say good work to all of you.

I spent all yesterday reading the entire thread, and just as i'd get to the end of a page, another page would be created. Such a highly active thread.

The support you are all showing each other is amazing, i love it!!!

So keep it up :)

I'm currently on the morning of Day2, and i'm feeling great! I am prepared for that to pass in the next few days, but i'm ready to see what the next 30ish days has to offer :)

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Thanks Donna, i'm very happy with my decision to do the Whole30. I'll see this one through, and then i go on a 5week holiday around eruope, where i'm not always going to be in control of the food. So when i get back i'll do another Whole30 and then i should be able to just sit in the paleo lifestyle indefinitely :)

But you fine ladies, are a great inspiration :)

Oh and i'm Bec ;)

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Bec, I'm sure you'll do great! You should look around on the forum and see if you can find others starting at the same time as you are...it really is nice to go through it with others for support. :) Glad we could be of help to you!

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I eat one of those popsicles every single night. Very simple and easy to make and yummy! I'm sure you could mix it up a little and it would be really good too. I have a recipe for chocolate popsicles on my Pinterest too but never got around to trying them because I like the other ones so much, but I bet they are really good too. :)

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Keep up the good work! We are all doing this for various reasons as you can see. It's a process but well worth it. I had to detox off of main staple foods that were in my diet for way too long to realize how detrimental they actually were to me. I met Casey online and we decided to do this food log to commit everyday. Others jumped in and we have become like family. We rely on each other for support. You should start a food log and once people hop in invite them to stay along with you!

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