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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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Today's blog:

B: Eggs with veggies and bacon

S: beef jerky

L: GF burger, on a romaine lettuce bun, well fed mayo tomato and onion

D: Well Fed Chocolate chili with fresh onion, avocado, olives, tomatoes and hot sauce....

stayed away from fruit and nuts today....and much better

I walked my pup 2 miles and ran 3 miles today.....

Did some shoulder yoga before dinner...

Enjoy ladies!

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Bleh. I knew I would slip up sooner or later.

This morning my mom (visiting from out of town) took us for breakfast. I had bacon, sausage and eggs and I'm sure there was forbidden crap in the sausage. I felt like arse after I ate.

Lunch was leftover salmon and salad

Dinner was five guys burgers (cause mom left, dad arrived...)! I ate my patty only, chucked the bun, but I couldn't resist stealing a few fries and I drank some Fresca. BOO.

Onwards and upwards!

I'm back to work on Monday after some time off, so this should be interesting.

Also, black coffee is where it's at!! So convenient!

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Just a quick check-in. I am feeling very proud of myself today because I had 3 parties to go to and I didn't eat one bite of anything I shouldn't! Passed up pizza, one of my favorites...plus cake and ice cream, cheese, rice, all kinds of good stuff. I packed my own lunch in a cooler and brought snacks and ate dinner at home instead of at the last party. Very tempting, especially the pizza, but I did it! :)

B: scrambled eggs with spinach, 2 homemade sausage patties, a bit of pear and apple

L: turkey salad, carrots, apple

S: more fruit, a few veggies, Larabar

D: salmon, asparagus, salad

More tomorrow....

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Mrs. T, you made me laugh out loud after reading 'like an arse' in your post! Reminds me of Father Jack from Father Ted. Don't worry about the slip, I think we've actually all been stung by hidden ingredients in restaurant food. Like you say, onwards and upwards!

Katie, I'm so impressed! I had to turn down dinner from a friend today because he was cooking lasagne, instead I'm joining after dinner for coffee.

Yesterday, though, was not a great day for me. I bought a ton of fruit and pretty much ate it all. My inner thoughts were all like 'but... berries are the best option, riiiight?' Snacked so much I didn't feel hungry for dinner, and that ain't the right way round! I did, however, make the Well Fed organ josh lamb and it is delish!

Day 10

B - Parma ham, scrambled egg, sauteed kale

L - Rogan josh lamb, with broccoli

S - All the strawberries! All the grapes! Plus three apples! And some nuts! *le sigh*

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Mrs. T....true confessions! Pick up where you left off. Five Guys is a dangerous haunt for us paleos...Katie...got it with the fruit thing. Always wanted to try the Rogan Josh and now I have reason to do so with your stamp of approval.

As for me I am having a SUCKY day. Just SUCKY. I hopped on the scale this morning and have only lost one pound. I could cry. I need to lose 30 people. I am being so good and never cheating. I feel like my metabolism is STUCK. How can this be. But as well, my rings are tight tight tight. I know we are not supposed to weigh ourselves but I am 14 days in and just had to sneak a peak. I feel better and am sleeping better but when oh when will I see the scale move????

I was at a bbq at my sister's as we were celebrating an early Father's Day and my Parent's Anniversary today. Everyone was eating crap...appetizers (I had plain raw veggies) Hamburgers, hot dogs and potato and shrimp salad ( I had grilled chicken breast over greens)_ and Key Lime pie, watermelon ice cream roll, cookies, pastries, and fresh fruit (I had fresh fruit that I brought).....I am emotionally hungover from this picnic....feeling sorry for myself and needed to VENT!!!!!!

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Big hugs, Donna. I have been having a hard weekend, too. I didn't fall off the wagon, but I just felt trapped, and tired of the limits, and tonight, so, so, so tired of the cooking and how much work it is. I *know* it's the right thing for Cait (wife) and certainly helping me but it's exhausting too. And I am still wavering about the Tuesday luncheon. I know Casey is right, but I *want* to be able to eat "normal" food every once in a while. <End whining>

I did finally make the mayo, so I have that available now. It's yummy but not earth shattering (but I've been making my own emulsified salad dressings and sauces for as long as I can remember so probably it is more amazing to folks who have never done anything like it). I forgot we have the world's loudest blender - it woke my son up from his nap but I did get him to go back down.


B: (I think I already listed this) 2 fried eggs, 1/2 avocado and salsa

L: chicken and apple sausage, tomatoes

S: fruit at party, a bunch of nuts before finding time/energy to make dinner

D: canned salmon with green beans and mashed sweet potato. canned salmon is pretty gross!


B: Apple, sweet potato and onion hash with 2 fried eggs

S: Some berries at and after the farmer's market

L: Tuna with homemade mayo, tomatoes

S/D: Cucumber slices with guacamole and fried plantains while the kids ate dinner

Rest of dinner, later: Garlic roasted shrimp

S: Berries with coconut cream

Cheers to Katie and Donna for resisting temptation! Hang in there, Ellie. Maybe try some avocados or coconut? Yummy fats have been really helpful to me in keeping snacking down (don't look to this weekend as a super example, though!)

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B: omelette with leftover salmon and dill

L: cuban pork burger and a roasted bell pepper

S: a homemade larabar ball thing. Was so good!

D: prime rib steaks, broccoli, bell pepper

S: another larabar ball... and a granny smith apple with almond butter.

I need to relax on the fruit, big time!

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Thanks Jenn for the support! I feel better after a good night's sleep and resisting yesterday's huge temptations! Jenn, you need to do what you want for the staff meal....I understand. Every time I go off this program my stomach screams at me and I have physical and emotional remorse!

Today I am less swollen so I think I had some water weight thing going on with the extreme heat...I am on bioidentical estrogen and progesterone so they do a number on the water weight with me. It is exponentially better with this meal plan....

Sorry for the ranting and whining yesterday...Today is Day 15 and I am feeling rested and ready to start my last two busy weeks of school. I WILL NOT WEIGH MYSELF AGAIN UNTIL DAY 31.....PROMISE!!!!!

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Donna, I so hear you on the weigh in thing. I know I shouldn't have done it but I have weighed myself several times...the first time was only 3 days in or so, and I had lost 3 lbs, was so excited...and then yesterday at 8 days in I was actually up a bit from the 3 lbs down, so more like 2 1/2. So disappointing when I haven't eaten one freaking forbidden bite. I know this isn't designed for weight loss but I will admit to having hopes in that area...I too need to lose 30 lbs and if after a month I've only lost 5 or something then that will be very disappointing. I am snacking so much less than usual, too...sigh. I just started my period so I am not planning to weigh myself until next weekend.


B: scrambled eggs with spinach, 2 sausage patties, 1/2 avocado

L: cuban pork, broccoli slaw, nectarine

D: guacamole, sauteen onion and mushroom, steak strips

S: pina colada pop

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Woohoo, Donna, day 15, half way! Jen, you're right I need to stock up on avocados, and don't worry about whining - it's comforting to know that we all struggle at times.

As far as my limited knowledge of weight loss goes, it's really difficult to get conclusive results in a short time because our bodies have quite a lot of natural give and take, right?? I know I have about a half-stone fluctuation depending on my cycle! I'd love to lose some more weight, but even if I don't I can feel my body's composition change (even though I can't see it yet!). Hang in there, kitties, we'll make it!

My short term rental doesn't have scales or a tape measure, so I'll just have to see how my summer of clean food has impacted when I get back to the UK in late August! Hooray for another incidence of accidentally-following-the-rules!

Day 11

Much better yesterday:

Brunch - GF burger, fried red onion and tomatoes, grilled portabella mushrooms, fried egg all served on a bed of the yummiest, freshest green leaves

Dinner - leftover rogan josh with sautéed cabbage and Well Fed pilaf cauli rice

Snacks - 2 little apples

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Okay, better day today....not weighing myself. Definitely feeling my physique changing. By bra is more loose (first place to go) and my waist on my pants and pant legs are loose. So, better to look for hope than to dash it to hell like yesterday! I feel amazing, sleep wonderfully and my skin is clearing. So I am halfway through my W 30....todays food:

B: Egg with veggies, beef jerky

S: handful of cashews, fruit

L: Greens with Well Fed Chili and black olives, granny smith apple with almond butter

D: Greens with beef and lamb, Tomato, avocado, Well Fed Mayo

yesterday was a doggie downer....today, hope springs eternal....that's life!

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Still in a bit of a mental slump about W30ing, but also still holding out against temptation. Another ice cream party today, GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES in the office, and the 5th grade graduation and reception tonight. I resisted all of it, and realized on my way home from the graduation that being in a W30 mindset really does change everything. Instead of being focused on food at a social event, I was focused on everything else - the people, the conversation, the decorations - where in the past I know I would have been scoping out the food and eating first and foremost. I was still definitely thinking about food but the thinking was very different.

That said, I do plan to jump ship tomorrow, but my goal is to do it with control and to get back on track as soon as it is over. We'll see if I regret this decision later. As for today:

B: 2 fried eggs with leftover boiled leeks (OMG, what a terrible thing to do to leeks - never again), berries, coffee with coconut cream

S: mixed nuts

L: tuna with W30 mayo, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes

S: apple

D: 2 chicken and apple sausage, roasted asparagus and leeks (much, much better!)

S: a few toasted coconut chips and something else TBD as I am still hungry

Good night, all!

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Hi all,

Jen, what is the "jumping ship" controlled experiment for...did I miss something? I hope it goes well...I think if I did that it might trigger an all-out fall off the wagon type thing, so I am trying to just stick to it for now. Let us know how it goes, you strong woman you! :)

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast: leftover steak strips, banana, pistachios

Lunch: BLT on a Pure wrap [found bacon from a farm that is W30 compliant!]

Snacks: coconut manna, pistachios, dried apples, pina colada pop

Didn't have dinner for some reason...had some of those snacks before dinner time and then wasn't hungry. Weird.

Did some meal planning with my wife for the rest of the week, so hopefully she will be less cranky about her meals and that will make everything easier. She's off a business trip for 4 days leaving on Saturday am, so for those days I can just W30 to my heart's content. :)

I went and got another roasted turkey breast yesterday b/c I have missed my turkey salad lunches so much, so can't wait to go dig into that. Had to make my second batch of mayo yesterday...tried the immersion/hand blender method and OMG it was so easy! Took waaayyyy less time and wasn't fiddly at all. Seriously it takes under 2 minutes. So I am looking forward to my lunch...plowing through the Pure wraps faster than I'd hoped, since they are pricey, but oh well.

How is everyone doing today?


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Pure Wraps....get out of my head!!!! I was just saying to my hubs we gotta try these....where do you find them? I wonder if WF carries...

Jenn has a big deal dinner treat and if I were her, I would indulge as well. You deserve your end of year treat Jenn. I am worried about Casey as she hasn't posted since Friday and I hope she is okay.

Ellie, you are killing me with the Rogan Josh...gotta make some this weekend.

for me it's a rainy and yucky day which yields zero motivation....

DAY 16

B: eggs with bacon

S: handful of cashews

L: Salad greens with beef and chicken

D: Making ground meat in a homemade marinara sauce over zucchini ribbons because the grocer was out of spaghetti squash!

Having a mean green juice now after home from work from my new Breville juicer.....used all my CSA kale, lemon, celery, cucumber, apple....didn't have ginger so have to pick some of that up....

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Day 11:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs w/spinach, bacon, a few strawberries, 1/2 a banana [so my son would eat the other half :)]

Lunch: turkey salad with W30 mayo on Pure wrap, carrots

snack: a few pistachios

Dinner: Thai Coconut Lime Shrimp [Paleomg.com recipe], sauteed green beans, salad

snack [probably]: pina colada popsicle

how's everyone doing today?


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I'm glad to hear you like the pure wraps - we have them in a couple of health food stores here so I picked up two packs but we haven't used them yet. Collards work pretty well but it will be nice to have an alternative.

Katie, I teach and the PTA sends us out to lunch after dismissal on the last day to a fab lunch at Maggiano's. I can't say I met my goal of being controlled today but I am hoping I won't have any trouble getting back on board tomorrow. Knock on wood, so far the physical penalties have been minimal - felt very full (that's an understatement - at one point I thought, this must be what pythons feel like after eating!!), have been burping a lot :) and had a headache for a little while. I'm sure that tomorrow will bring some GI consequences but so far nothing. I won't tempt you with a full listing of what I've had today but let's say the only forbidden food I DIDN'T eat was white potatoes, as far as I know. Even though I did all that, I did eat less than I would have pre W30, and I didn't have dinner once I got home, which I have definitely done in the past. So there are certainly ways in which I have learned better habits that came through even on a completely off-road day.

I hope Casey is ok, too.

Good night, all!

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Ooh, I wonder if my local shop has Pure Wraps... doubtful.

This week I've had such trouble keeping my snacking under control. I polished off my apples, so now I'm only buying berries at the weekend, no more sweet snacks! Gonna have to invest in more nuts, olives, avocados, crunchy veg and cooked meat, they are far less triggery for me. This is the first week I've actively missed cake and muffins and stuff. I'm not pre-menstrual or anything so I guess I'm just going through the emotions of cold turkey! Argh, sugar habit - I will beat you!


Day 12

B - Scrambled egg and sauteed kale

L - GF burger, portobello mushroom, more kale

D - The last of the rogan josh lamb and cauli rice (*sniff*)

S - Apples, nuts, sugar snaps

Have a great day, ladies!

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Hi ladies. Sorry I've been MIA.

Life took a very strange turn over the weekend and I handled it very badly. I don't really want to talk about it on this forum, but if you're curious, send me a message.

Anyway, I fell of the wagon hard. Before starting this Whole30, I had been eating pretty clean. I wasn't eating wheat, legumes or sugar really. I was eating things like rice here and non-Whole30 bacon and sausages. Some paleo desserts. Oh, and white potatoes and occasional vegetable oils. But, otherwise, pretty clean and paleo. That is, except for the night before I started the Whole30 - that night I ate wheat and definitely noticed how it made me feel.

So, this weekend some stuff happened and I let it throw me off my game - hard. I feel physically terrible from it. I can't believe how bad certain foods make me feel. I feel like a different person than I have the last several weeks. I can't believe I used to be like this 24-7.

I'm back on this thing as of today and other things are happening in my life that will hopefully address the situation that led to this binge. I read through the posts I missed and I'm glad you guys are doing so well. It definitely is encouraging and I feel a lot better right now knowing I'm getting my head straight and getting back on this lifestyle.

Oh, and Donna, about your concern on weight loss. I know what you mean. I did a Whole30 and didn't lose weight. But, doing it again this time, I was suddenly losing weight. The difference, I think for me, is really the carbs. Last time, I know I was eating too many carbs (but still much better than SAD eating), this time, I followed the advice in the success guide and I think it was working. Finally!! Do you have the success guide? If not, they have that info on the site now here: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

I have been eating 1-2 actual servings of fruit a day and limiting my sweet potato use. I realized that sweet potatoes had become my desert in a way. But, there are times (like after a long bike ride or lots of activity) where my body just really needs it. I've been trying to be a lot more mindful about this. Also, I know some people find eating too many nuts will keep them from being able to lose weight. I know you've mentioned you like the fruit, so maybe you're eating more of it than you realize..? Maybe try really being thoughtful about the amount of carbs you may still be getting. If that's not it, then maybe it's too much Omega6 in your diet. I've read this imbalance can also keep you from losing weight as well.

Lastly, it could be that your body is going to lose the weight, but is holding on to it for some other non-food related reason. Stress (even good stress) can do that too. So can not sleeping well. Or, you may need more than 30 days for your body to heal whatever it is that is keeping the weight on and you have to change nothing - just be patient. Not everyone sees a miracle in 30 days, I've read.

Just some things to consider. Donna, you're doing so great. Don't ever let that stupid scale win. I think you're on the right path and the weight will come off.

Anyway, it feels great to have this group of determined women to come back to after this crazy weekend. Going to make my daughter and I some eggs and veggies now!

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Sorry things are hard right now Casey, but it sounds like you have a good attitude. We're here for you in any way we can be.

I wasn't particularly excited by making my own mayo, but I made a ranch-ish sauce for my salmon today (vaguely like dill sauce but I don't like dill) using the mayo and herbs from my garden and I am SO JAZZED! About 2 T mayo, a bunch of minced chives, some minced parsely, garlic powder, a shake of paprika, some coconut milk to thin it and I think that's it. Yum!

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