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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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To you guys with the kiddos - I'm so so glad they heal and bounce back as fast as they do. My son is almost 2.5 and he had his first real fall last week and cut his chin open on a rack at the grocery store (of course the ONE time I let him run free instead of strapped into the cart because Mr. Foodie was there to watch him while I shopped). Poor kid. Blood everywhere. I sat down in the middle of the aisle at the store and cried and wiped it up. Then, I took him to our doctor who is next door. Over reaction, yup. Ha! Oh well. I am also kind of strict with his naps... I will cry when he drops naps forever, but apparently I napped until I was like 4, so hopefully he will to! ;)

I make my broth in the slow cooker too! I don't have a pressure cooker, but I'm curious. I also want to try out canning. And making some fermented veggies like sourkraut! (I know I spelled that wrong...)

Hosted father's day dinner tonight. made steak with caramelized onions and portobellos, apple stuffed pork tenderloin on a maple plank (and that was a disaster, i'll let you guys know when i blog and post the pics of my FIRE. oopsie), grilled asparagus. And baked potatoes and chocolate cake for everyone else but me.

Breakfast was eggs and ham, lunch was spicy tuna cakes from nomnompaleo.


mrst (aka Katherine) ;) I'll get used to being called mrst one day! ha!

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Katherine [hey, that's my name too!], ugh, poor little guy. I relate on the crying. :) My now 13YO daughter split her chin open at recess and they called me to come get her, and the minute I saw it I started crying. And she was not that little, probably 9 or so. But it was a bad split and she was all bloody, poor thing. Oh well, bunch of stitches later and she was as good as new! :) I'll have to look up that spicy tuna cake recipe...sounds interesting.

How is everyone today?


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He he, Katherine, I feel as though Mrs T is your paleo, blogging, superhero alter-ego!

Day 17

B - Sausage egg scramble

L - Chicken salad (hold the dressing!) on the lakes with friends

D - Paleo pad thai

S - Apple, compliant pepperoni, almond butter, raw veg...

Hhhmmm, I'm definitely feeling a resurgence of my old habit of 'eat-to-eat' rather than 'eat-to-satisfy', even if I'm overeating things that are not healthy... I had a mini-fast this morning to help me reset the habit a bit. While I disagree with letting oneself go hungry as it establishes unhealthy relationships with food, I do need to eat more at meals and snack less in between.

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Katherine - the first time T split his lip we were in CVS. We'd waited forever for the Minute Clinic, and I was buying cough medicine or something while we waited for his prescription. I let him sit in the basket of the cart, not the seat, and when I took my eyes off him for a second, he jumped out of the cart!! He landed on his mouth and nose and at first I was terrified he'd broken a tooth. I didn't cry but I rocked him in the middle of the aisle and tried to calm him down. We both got blood all over us. Finally he stopped and I could see it wasn't a terrible split, so we went and got his prescription. I wanted to get him a popsicle but they didn't have any - so I bought him a toy truck. Which he probably liked better, knowing him!!

Ellie, are you in the Finger Lakes region?

Today's food:

B: fried eggs with salsa and avocado (I am definitely a creature of habit and this works for me!)

S: Mixed nuts (forgot I was trying to cut back when I packed my food this morning)

L: poached chicken with cumin/lime mayo for sauce, roasted veg and grilled sweet potatoes

S: 1/2 apple

D: turkey burger with caramelized onions and avocado, cumin roasted carrots (Well-Fed)

Lesson for the day: turkey burgers are lousy!

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Quiet day on the forum...how is everyone doing?

B: green salad with turkey, handful of cherries

L: tuna and apple salad on lettuce wrap

S: pistachios, 1 dried peach, little bit of coconut manna

D: GF burger, onion and pepper sauteed in coconut oil, homemade guacamole and celery for dipping

S: probably a pina colada pop as usual

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jrust - your dinner sounds fabulous!! Heck your whole day sounds delicious!

Bad news - I have a cold. What's the deal with that? Just as I was feeling so great I get kicked in the junk.

B: two mini fritattas, coffee

L: spicy tuna cakes, half an apple, beef jerky and almond butter

D: ground turkey cooked with shredded cabbage (felt so lazy!)

S: bacon... ;) I was organizing the fridge and found some that had to be eaten asap. the farmer's market stuff doesn't have the preservative in it to keep it kicking for very long. Mmmm it was good. And a black Americano from sbux.

Day 18 and feeling GOOD! I need to stay off the scale though. Bad bad me. I'm in a weight loss challenge thing on another forum so I have to weigh in each Wednesday for another few weeks, but I should really make Wednesday mornings my only weigh in.

I don't know that the spicy tuna cakes recipe is online, and I don't know where the ipad is right now but it's essentially this

1.5c mashed cooked sweet potato (I nuke it then scoop the flesh out), 2 cans (10 oz total) tuna drained, 1T chopped jalapenos, 1/2t red pepper flakes, 3 green onions chopped, 2t chopped cilantro, 2 eggs. salt and pepper. Mix all together, put into muffin tins or silicone baking cups, bake for about 25 minutes. You can sear them in a frying pan when you're done to brown, but it's not necessary. Delicious right out of the oven or cold!

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Katherine/MrsT, that sucks. I had a sinus infection a few days after I started W30ing and it was so frustrating. Chicken broth was definitely good.

I'm going to a breakfast meeting later this morning and my friend has been posting pictures on FB of all the food she's making for it. I had been hoping it would be fruit and muffins and I could happily eat fruit, ignoring the muffins, but it looks like it will all be homemade and cheesy gooey kinds of things. Oh, well.

I'm feeling bloated and fat - I don't know if this is really related to last week's off road or what. But it's frustrating. Confession: I have been weighing myself every Saturday, and I had lost a few pounds but I am terrified that this weekend I will see the numbers going UP, not down.

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I am indeed by the Finger Lakes, I'm looking forward to actually tasting the wine in a couple of weeks!

Day 18

L- Chicken salad with greens, strawberries, toasted nuts and seeds

D- Last of the paleo pad thai

S - Small handful of macadamias, pepperoni, carrot sticks

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Ellie - I sometimes have to make myself wait 5 or 6 hours for the next meal when I find that I'm doing the eating just for eating thing. But, eating paleo makes it so much easier to force spacing between meals. If I were eating lots of bread and crap still, that would make me feel like I was going to die!

Jen, I hated turkey burgers until I made them this way: http://threedietsonedinner.blogspot.com/2012/03/loaded-paleo-turkey-burgers-sweet.html

Ha, I tried two different times yesterday to post my log, but my daughter was having an epic day. Nothing would make her happy and she took a very short, early nap. She's actually sleeping in this morning. (why can't this phenomenon be scheduled?)

Yesterday, I was having a pity party in my head, so I ate pretty much nothing but meat and berries. I don't think I had any actual meals, so I'll just post it as a list:

eggs and raspberries

can of tuna in olive oil

homemade sausage with paleo ketchup and more raspberries

ketchup chicken using the paleo ketchup. We used to do this with store bought ketchup years ago when we were too poor to eat. Not as good as we remembered...

decaf coffee and coconut milk

more eggs

I couldn't bother myself to cook any real meals. Oh, well, today will be better!

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hi guys, Welcome Sweet Potato and Nina....

Day 23

my foods for yesterday and today....

B: eggs

S: jerkey

L: leftover grilled GF steak, cauliflower with ghee

D: Chipotle again! Carnitas, tomato salsa, guacamole, over salad greens, yummy

B: eggs with bacon, grapes

L: chicken and veggies bone broth

D: sushi and seaweed salad

this is a crazy week. I can barely stop to write this. Out till 9:30pm at a Board of Ed mtg....just got in to work and out again in 5 mins....hope everybody is well. I get my life back this Friday :o

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B: eggs and banana

L: burger, zucchini and sweet potato

D: homemade sausage and kale chips

I took my daughter on the bike to my favorite city park (which once was walking distance to where I used to live and I miss that). This is like a hub for little kids in the summertime. They have a neat fountain for them to play in. She loves it and we can spend hours there.

The more I ride my bike around town, the more my brain starts thinking about doing long distance riding again. I used to do the whole endurance riding before I got pregnant, but it is pretty time consuming. Hmmm..

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Casey, I am just getting back into riding and it's so great. We got a cargo bike so we can do errands and stuff with the kids without the car. I'm not using it as much as I'd like yet, but soon!


B: eggs/salsa/avo, coffee/coco

S: nuts, banana, black coffee (while resisting donuts, coffee, homemade muffins and much more at the meeting)

L: awesome chicken salad with W30 mayo, chives, apples, and dried cranberries. i meant to put in walnuts but forgot

S: watermelon and blueberries

D: tuna with steamed green beans and avocado in lemon olive oil dressing

Still feeling puffy and worried I am putting on weight. Bleh.

PS - Casey, these were frozen turkey burgers which had Just. Turkey. in them. The recipe sounds way better but doesn't suit the I need dinner right now before I collapse place I was in last night.

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Hi Everyone,

Jen, where do you find unsweetened dried cranberries? I would love to put some of those in salads [or chicken salad, great idea] but I feel like I only find the sweetened kind.

Casey, awesome on the biking with your daughter! I really need to start getting some exercise. My son is a mover and shaker and doesn't do well having to sit still in a stroller etc so I don't get out to walk as much as I'd like.

Today's food:

B: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, Italian chicken sausage, blueberries

L: curried turkey salad with raisins on curry Pure wrap, cherries

D: coconut lime chicken [yummy, recipe at http://chaosinthekitchen.com/2009/07/lime-and-coconut-chicken/ just leave out the sugar and sub coconut aminos for the soy sauce], sauteed snow peas, green salad

S: nothing yet, probably a popsicle later

Caved and weighed myself again and was happy with the results, so that is making it all much easier to stick to the plan. :)


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Day 19

B - Pepperoni, olives, sauerkraut, apple

L - Same as yesterday

D - Egg and curried sausage meat scramble with greens

S - Carrots, macadamias and more apple(s)

Oh these apples! So good, so tasty, from a local orchard, but definitely a weakness. Looking forward to finishing them off and banning them from my kitchen for a while! Until then, if I can restrain and enjoy my moderate apple a day then I'm going to reward myself with something (not sure what yet, probably shoes).

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Katie, we order them from nuts.com We order a lot of stuff from them because they specify that their nuts are gluten free. They have the best price I've seen on macadamias, too. The cranberries are more expensive than getting the Ocean Spray at Costco, for sure, but they ARE compliant. And they are a million times better - softer and delicious. They are fruit juice sweetened so I am using them sparingly but it's so nice to have the option.

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I can't find unsweetened dried cranberries either! I just looked at Nuts.com and they ship to Canada for a reasonable-ish price! I think I'm definitely going to place an order next month. Thanks for posting that.

I'm also planning to try to make some raw saurkraut!! http://balancedbites.com/2012/01/easy-recipe-raw-sauerkraut-fermented-probiotic-food.html

Anyone do Crossfit? I'm really interested in trying it but I'm a chicken and don't want to look like a dweeb and go... I am also interested in cycling, but I don't have the budget for a good bike that would be adequate for long distances. I do have a good indoor spin cycle that I need to get more time on. I've been lazy... I also need to use my TRX more and do some weights. I hate my arm flab!

I've been feeling lazy with the cooking the past few days, but we've still been eating well!

B: mini fritattas (so glad I baked a bunch of these)

L: spicy tuna cakes, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, olives

S: beef jerky, lara bar balls

D: scrambled eggs, sweet potato and lamb sausages

I made the most awesome wasabi guacamole! I will post the recipe later on the blog.

My office is really into food. Sometimes it poses a lot of nutritional landmines, but there are a number of gluten free folks so that tames it a bit. This week instead of getting pastries for an occasion we decided to order shawarmas. Which is great because I can get a salad with yummmmmmy chicken on it and not have to have junk food. yay! We had a curry day because my colleague makes the best green coconut curry on the planet. And I am currently emailing with my boss about our kale gardens.. ha!

What are we all going to do when our Whole 30s are over? Any plans to start again in July? :)

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Definitely gonna start again in July! My current plan is to road test my bike for a couple of days (with some Greek yoghurt and a bar of dark chocolate, but otherwise eating compliant), then get right back for another 30 days. In fact, planning to go for 37 days next time, which ends on my 25th birthday. I've felt so many benefits of W30 food, but I'm still struggling with habitual eating, so I think another month will help me to change my habits for good.

Yeah, my office includes several gluten-free folk and it really helps! My colleague runs a yoga class once a week, so I get free yoga through work too! I don't do CrossFit but I still do a 15 minute highish-intensity routine in my pyjamas and trainers in the morning... Usually it consists of running intervals with squats, push-ups, and arm exercises with a resistance band. I would CF but I seriously cannot afford any sort of membership and it's not as common in the UK anyway. BUT I would definitely recommend anyone who does any kind of cross fitness to supplement with yoga or some other stretchy relaxation, my muscles are in much better shape after an intense stretch.

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Because of Cait's eating restrictions, I'm sort of W30ing for the long haul, but still in the process of figuring out exactly what that looks like. What I would like to do is eat W30 the majority of the time but have time off for good behavior! :D But it's tricky because Cait won't get that and I don't want her to be even more frustrated if I go off road when she can't (because almost all of the worthwhile off-roading will happen because of travel this summer, so we'll be together). I know she has to be responsible for her own eating and health but it's cruel for me to eat stuff she can't in front of her. Tough stuff. W30 is becoming a bit of tension in general for us, because she isn't dramatically improved yet and finds that really frustrating. But I am unclear on what the alternative is for her, and I have to leave that decision up to her anyway.

Leaving that aside, my Whole 30 story to date is that from April 28-May23, I began shifting my diet to be closer and closer to W30. I gave up sugar and other natural sweeteners on 4/28. I already limited dairy and gluten, but phased them out along with legumes and other grains over the first three weeks or so. There were a few off road instances (ice cream on Mothers' Day, and a couple of pizza slices, but they were few and far between). Dairy was the last thing to go, but I switched to coconut cream on May 24, making it really W30 on that date. I did my work celebration on June 12, so I have done a Whole19 at this point and am now on Day 8 of my next spin on the W30 wheel. :)

Katie, what about a scooter, a push trike or a balance bike for your son? My son loves his scooter and balance bike and it gets him moving at a pace where I feel like I am getting a little exercise while he gets out some of his energy. I was much better able to get exercise last year when I dropped him off at the babysitter's next door (I went for a walk or a jog before getting in the car) but had to drive him to school this year so that went down the tubes. I'm looking forward to spending more time on the bike starting next week but this week I am shuttling both kids to camp and playdates while still trying to get work done, so the bike just won't do.

The plan for Day 8 is

B: eggs with salsa and avocado, coffee/coco cream

No snack yet, so I will have lunch when I get hungry enough

L: Uhhh, what did I bring? Oh, yeah, egg & avocado salad, carrots, fruit

S: Nuts, apple, iced coffee if needed

D: Staying late at the office - tuna and mayo with whatever fruit/veg is left

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Katie - we have Miss Independent for a daughter, so I know what you mean. Most stroller, shopping cart, wagon and bike ride outings involve some or tons of screaming, but the bike thing is starting to come around. I can only put her in the stroller if she volunteers to climb in, which is not that often. So, I totally know what you mean.

We usually take our daughter out and walk with her. She loves roaming the alleys, so even though it's not fast-paced walking, it's walking. I spend a lot of time out with her doing stuff like this, and I think if you get several hours a week doing this, it counts as exercise.

Katherine (did I spell this right?) - I've never done Crossfit, but I've done Bodyrock (bodyrock.tv). It's free workouts with videos that are short, but intense. If you're not sure you're ready for Crossfit, maybe starting with Bodyrock would get you ready to do Crossfit.

I'm also one of those people that is probably going to have to stick to the Whole30 for life. I'm truly addicted to sugar and I (sadly) have to accept that it has to stay out of my life. Not to mention, through experimentation, I've found that eating this clean is the only thing that helps some other issues I've always dealt with. It's like a choice between truly feeling healthy all the time, or sacrificing it over and over just to indulge in something (or make my life a little easier for one meal). Reading It Starts with Food has actually made me understand why this might be. I have severe reactions to dairy, and I have figured out that must have a sensitivity to wheat as well. Not to mention the sugar thing. But, I'm starting to suspect that it isn't as simple as these three things. I think I'm sensitive to all grains - even rice (which breaks my heart a little, but I'll get over it). I also realized that I need to go so far as to keep the Omega 3:6 balance in a healthier place, otherwise I start dealing with depression again. It gets so complicated that it should just be easier to eat clean and leave it at that.

I guess a better way to look at all this, instead of feeling sad about the foods I'm "losing" is to think about what I'm gaining. I spent decades of my life feeling hopeless that I would never be able to experience what healthy and happy feels like. Now, I know that I can. Hey, that's a lot better than a stupid brownie.

Did I mention that last night I got the greatest night's sleep than I have in many months? I woke up this morning, sat up and realized that I had slept completely through the night and was not the least bit tired. Awesome!

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hello busy ladies....I read your threads on your mommying and get exhausted! You are all such busy moms and it's wonderful!!!! Enjoy it because....blink your eyes and they are 21 and 25!!!!

Day 24

Breakfast: eggs, jerky, veggies

Snack: few cashews

Lunch: lots of meat over salad greens (another lunch at work with my coworkers)

Dinner: greens, grilled chicken and beef

spoonful of coconut manna for after dinner treat

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Anyone read The Clothes Make the Girl yesterday? http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/06/20/time/

I definitely read it at the right point! I had not realised that this week has coincided precisely with the blues... I polished of my apples yesterday and continued to snack for no reason. Had to take myself out the house to stop myself.

B - Sauerkraut, olives, parma ham, apple

L - Salad, parma ham, olives, sauerkraut, apple

D - Last of the egg and curried sausage scramble

S - Apples, almonds, grass fed deli beef, more parma ham...

So now there are only 'good' snacks in the larder!

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I guess a better way to look at all this, instead of feeling sad about the foods I'm "losing" is to think about what I'm gaining. I spent decades of my life feeling hopeless that I would never be able to experience what healthy and happy feels like. Now, I know that I can. Hey, that's a lot better than a stupid brownie.

LOVE this!

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Great posts ladies! I love how transparent and open you are. I think one of the biggest challenges Whole30 advocates can face is "loneliness". Food is such a fundamental part of our society. When you celebrate, you go out to eat, when you catch up with old friends, you go out to eat, when you're on holiday, you usually go out to eat. And that, I believe, is the hardest part. Not just during the Whole30, but beyond it as well - especially if you'd like to maintain a largely Whole30 lifestyle moving forward. It's something I'm still figuring out...

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Jen, we do have a balance bike and a trike for my son but he hasn't been too interested. Need to keep working on it. It's in the high 90s for a couple of days, very unusual for Massachusetts, so there won't be any playing outside until it cools off. Thank goodness my wife got back from her business trip in time to help me put the window a/c units in last night, or nobody would have gotten any sleep. Ugh. I hate the heat.

I may have said this before, but I have no idea what I am going to do when this W30 ends. I don't want to go back to the way I was, for sure, but not sure what the "new normal" will look like. Kinda scary.

Yesterday's meals:

B: Italian chicken sausage, carrots, blueberries

L: leftover coconut lime chicken on a big green salad, nectarine

D: GF burger, sauteed onions and peppers, carrots

S: pina colada popsicle

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