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Started yesterday (Jul 1st) what a ride!

hungry raccoon

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I started July 1st, and of course, on the last day of june, I ate All The Things. Pigged on carbs, sugars, etc. Finished all the cookies, ate grilled cheese to finish the cheeses and bread, added butter because I had to finish that too. Party time!

Well, this all came back with a revenge yesterday on my 1st day, just as I was reading in the Whole30 day by day book, how eating all the things on the eve of the first day was a bad idea... I ate compliant all day but in the afternoon, I experienced a huge crash. I had to lie down for a bit! I also managed to stave off a bout of headache by drinking loads of water. But I survived!

Today is day 2! I went to work out this am, with compliant pre and post food, and didn't struggle as much as I thought I would. I ate a significant breakfast after that, but then by late morning my legs felt like jello. Usually my work out energizes me for a lot longer than that.

I didn't think I'd go that far, I was terrified I was going to fail because chewing gum is not allowed. I quit smoking years ago and started chewing gum at that time, and never stopped. Until yesterday I used to chew gum pretty much constantly every day, which I suppose is not a great idea, but I am pleased to see I am capable to hold off so far.

This is fun! can't wait to see what day 3 brings!

Good luck to you all!

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P:re work out I ate one "chomps" stick, pretty much the only jerky like thing I found that is W30 compliant.

Post work out I ate half a can of tuna, then shortly after, I had Meal 1 aka 2 eggs, sweet pots and spinach, and half an avocado.

I was starving by 11am, which means tomorrow I"m going to try and eat a bigger breakfast.

I'm still trying things out, so let me know if you have any suggestion!

Good luck!


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