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Day 22, and nothing good, nothing bad, just nothing

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I've stuck with it very carefully and haven't had anything, good or bad, that I've read about.  My diet before I started was high on whole grain, low fat dairy, little processed food, a lot of plant proteins. I had hot flashes kick in at around day 3 and stick around till day 8, but I think they're gone. Other than that I don't feel any different now from when I started. Clothes aren't any looser either. Any advice would be great, and I'd also really like to hear from any other "late bloomers" who found that the last week or so made a huge difference. I'll stick it out, because I want to be able to say I did it, but I'm losing confidence that I'll have anything to show for it.

The problems I wanted to address: Leg pain, knee pain, shoulder tendinitis, liver inflammation, lack of control over my weight.

Today's menu, which was pretty typical:

Breakfast: Quiche, representing roughly 2 eggs, 1/4 cup chicken sausage, about 1 1/2 cups hashed browns and mixed vegetables; 1/2 avocado; coffee with Nutpods. This usually fills me up but this time I was still hungry, so I added 1 1/2 oz sausage and about another half cup of mixed veggies.

Lunch: Hash, totaling roughly 1 chicken breast, 1/2 sweet potato, 3/4 cup spinach, 1/2 apple; 1/2 avocado; about a large handful of marinated beets

Dinner: About 5 oz chicken sausage, 3/4 cup chopped mixed veggies, handful of olives, compliant marinara; 1/2 cup mashed cauliflower; 6 cherries

Water, iced herbal tea, sparkling water. I'm not tracking water specifically but I'm drinking lots and my urine is very light colored.

Post-workout meals have been a serving of meat - cold roast beef or a sausage patty - and maybe some pumpkin or roasted butternut squash.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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