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Hi I'm Deb starting Whole30 for the first time Aug 1st

D e b r a

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Hi  My name is Debra.  I'm a 51 yr old mom of twin 5 year old girls.  I started my family late in life.  I have always battled with my weight since I was 12.  The book really spoke to me about emotional eating and balance. I'm most susceptible when I'm stressed, tired or don't drink enough water. I am only 5' 2"  but carrying a lot of weight. I lost 20 lbs by doing green smoothies but now I'm ready to eat real food again. I'm hoping since the green smoothies were mainly just fruits and veggies that this won't be too hard plus the meals would be something I can share with my kids. I would like to start this the beginning of August so I can be well into it before I start work again.  I'm a high school special ed. teacher. It would be nice to have some people online to talk to as I go through this.  I am going to prep the week before starting by trying to make the bone broth and gathering the supplies. The herbs won't be hard as I have many herbs growing on my patio. Anyhow,  if anyone else is starting around the same time I'd really welcome a healthy eating bud along the way. I'm looking forward to starting and hopefully having that energy everyone is talking about. 

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