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Whole 30, Round 2 :)


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Well, today is the first day of my second Whole 30. I've been looking forward to it, actually. I had too much dates, honey, and dairy over the holidays, and although my other eating was pretty darn good, it has caused me so much indigestion and yuckiness.

As I said in my first Whole 30 log back in September, I'm not the best at keeping up with online logs. Not sure how far I got with that one (didn't even look back it yet), but I'll bet it wasn't far. Maybe I'll do better at logging this time!

Today hasn't had much fanfare for starting because it's not that novel anymore. So far, I've had:


Several leftover meatballs (grassfed beef, spices, compliant tomato sauce)


Leftover homecooked chicken wings, with melted ghee and lemon pepper seasoning

Leftover roasted root veggies (turnip, sweet potato, parsnips)

It's been very helpful having leftovers in the fridge :)

Tonight I'm probably roasting chicken thighs with sherry vinaigrette sauce, and some veggies that have yet to be determined. Will try to check in later with my full dinner menu.

I'm reallllly looking forward to tomorrow. I've got some organic duck legs coming via Fedex, and I'm going to prep them for my first-ever attempt at duck confit :) :) :)

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Ok, well that did turn out to be a fabulous dinner to end day 1 with :). Here's what I had:

Roasted chicken thighs (bone and skin on), with a sherry vinaigrette sauce (drippings from the chicken, sherry vinegar, garlic, squeeze of fresh orange juice + salt and pepper reduced down and poured over cooked chicken)

Sautéed cabbage and yellow squash (I love this, but tried not to eat too much cabbage because I try not to overdo goitrogens because of thyroid nodules)

Thinly sliced plantains, sautéed in garlic and ghee (springboarded off a recipe I found on this forum).

So good, and leftovers to put away from a lunch later this week :)

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Thanks for reading, Derval :) Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My two teenagers are still on holiday break from school, but my husband and I are back working (we work from home), so it is somewhat crazy.

Had a good day 2, though:

Breakfast - tried the Applegate organic GF hotdog/egg combo from these forums. Really, really good!! I'm glad to have learned about these hotdogs. I'm not a huge hotdog person, but this will help in terms of having a quick healthy protein source on hand. Oh, and about a cup mixed berries (black, blue, and strawberry)

Lunch - leftover primerib from our NYD dinner (YUM), a few purple grapes, and some leftover sauteed squash and leftover sweet potatoes (love, love having healthy leftovers on hand)

Dinner - leftover sherry vin. chicken thighs (yes, I see a trend, LOL) with endive salad (chopped Belgian endive, toasted slivered almonds, chopped fried egg, mustard vinaigrette

Feeling pretty decent for the most part...still trying to lose the indigestion thing I've had going on since shortly before Christmas. I seemed to have a slight tummy bug then, maybe it's still from that...or maybe it's still from my sugar/dairy indulgences over the holidays.

Ate a tin of sardines so far for breakfast this morning. This is an experiment for me. Haven't had any,in oh....35 years, maybe? My dad used to love them, with saltine crackers. I was just reading how good they were for you (omega 3s, protein, calcium), so I bought a few tins at Trader Joe's yesterday. This morning I tried the one with spring water. I'll admit I added seasoning (Fox point seasoning from Penzey's...love it) and some whole grain mustard. But really not too bad. Going to have some more berries in a minute.

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Whoops...already losing traction on my journal here...will try to quickly rectify :) So Friday, which was day 3, went something like this:

Breakfast- tin of sardines, with whole grain mustard, 1 fried egg, small bowl of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

Lunch - Fogo de Chao - veggie salad with olive oil and vinegar, various yummy cuts of beef :) :) :)

Dinner - duck confit!!! Which was so amazing. Need to find a local source for duck legs. Ordered them online from a good place. The price of the duck legs themselves was less than we spend on buying steak locally, but the shipping cost was almost as much as the price of the duck :( Also had a wonderful green salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing Oh, and I have two small jars of rendered duck fat in the fridge as well. Love cooking with duckfat!!

Yesterday, Saturday, day 4:

Breakfast - sweet potato fritters (made with Japanese sweet potatoes, eggs, cinnamon, minced onion, fried in duck fat), SF bacon

Lunch - beef brisket, no sauce, green beans, collard greens

Dinner - paleo beef stew (GF stew beef, parsnips, sweet potato, celery, seasonings, canned tomatoes, balsamic vinegar) - this was excellent, green salad with homemade dressing

Planning on having leftover beef stew for breakfast this AM. Feeling pretty good :) I think that this W30 is much easier this time around. Partially because I didn't stray too far from W30 stuff in between, and partially because the bits I did stray on made me feel like crap :-P

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