Veggies make me queasy now...

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Have completed three whole 30's and successfully re-entered the real world each time/kept up with cleaner eating.

About two months ago, a friend and I grilled out - all sorts of veggie kabobs and huge fruit plate...most of my favorite items.  The next morning I came down with the worst case of strep I'd ever experienced and was flat-on-my-back-sick for a solid week.  

Since then, I can't even look at fruit and vegetables without feeling a bit gaggy and queasy.  I've tried to re-intro some of them a little bit here and there but I'm ready to start another whole30 and I don't think I can do it without the staples I succeeded with in the past (which were all on the kabobs).  Eating has been a real struggle with only a few things appealing.

Any ideas how to get over this hump?  It isn't mental, I really feel its an actual, physical reaction to getting sick so soon after veggie-fest.  Anybody else ever deal with this or turn the corner?  These were pretty standard items:  zuchini, yellow squash, red and green pepper, onion.  I really want this to work so if anyone else has experienced this and came through ok, please let me know how you got back on track.


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I did experience this with one of my favorite Whole30 restaurant meals....grilled octopus with a greek salad (minus the feta), and olives.  I got food poisoning so bad and was vomiting for 6 hours straight.  This was more than a year ago and I have not gone back to that restaurant.  

I survive eating other things. ;)

There are so many other vegetables!  My favorites aren't on your list: broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, arugula, romaine, carrots, swiss chard.....have you tried any of these?

If it's the whole vegetable that bothers you, try sauteed greens or soups?

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Thanks for the thoughts - I'm going to focus on salads and broccoli which aren't giving me as strong an instant reaction.  I really like your suggestion of sauteeing some greens.  I'll see how that works/give it a try.  I did find a new meat dish though that I look forward to and don't just "stomach" - grilled turkey breast medallions.  

Sorry to hear you lost your fav. dish to food poisoning.  That stinks.  Thanks again for the ideas.  My stomach is smarter than my meal planning :)

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