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Started 7/2/18 - Third Whole 30


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Hi Everyone! This is my third Whole 30 and I'm working on HABITS this time around.

I have learned a lot from my other two Whole 30s. I learned that the black/white thinking helps me eat healthy, whole foods. I am a classic emotional eater - give me a reason, and I'll eat all the wrong things. This is not an issue for me on the Whole 30 (I'll stick to rules), and one of my favorite things about each day is the RELIEF from food guilt and shame.  I also learned (after I blew my first Whole 30 reintroduction) how valuable the weeks AFTER the Whole 30 are.

But after each Whole 30 I've drifted back to my previous (bad) relationship with food. 

Anyone else focusing on habits or been here? What do you do to hang onto the good feelings/habits/food after the Whole 30 is over?

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