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After having lost 90+ pounds through MyFitnessPal and sheer will, I went into my annual physical expecting nothing but superlatives from my doctor.  While she was happy with my weight loss and all the other "numbers" (I've never had High BP or Cholesterol, Sugar etc. even when I was 90 pounds heavier) - my TSH was flagged as high for the first time ever.  After a few more blood tests I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and my doctor recommended an anti-inflammatory diet over medication.  This led me to Whole30.  

I have started this journey with my wife and I'm very excited to see if Whole30 can help not only with Hashimoto's but also my chronic allergies and asthma.  So here we are.  Day 1 is going well (as it should) and meal prep wasn't too bad yesterday.  I'm hopeful that since I'd already made many changes to my diet that I won't have TOO big of a struggle acclimating to Whole30, but I sure do love my Coke Zero and Dairy Products.  Low-Fat Cheeses were one of the things that helped me in my weight loss so it will be interesting to see how my body (and weight) respond without that crutch.

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Glad it's going well!

Before I started my first Whole30 (I'm currently doing my second), I had recently lost a fair bit of weight through "sheer will," which for me meant severely limiting calories. Whole30 helped me keep the weight off while actually nourishing my body and developing habits to keep it up long term.

Best of luck!!

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