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Day 4, It's Getting Harder!

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I began Whole30 four days ago with my husband. The first three days were fine, I was tired but my emotional state was intact. Today, not so much. 
By 4 pm was either going to kill someone or drink a Coke Zero. Luckily I texted my husband and he pulled me back from the ledge. The desire to cheat was so strong, I'm concerned about the remaining 26 days. 

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That sounds about right with the timeline (check it out in my signature below), but it's also often worse if you are not eating enough.  If you would like feedback on your meals at the outset of your program to help get the best out of the 30 days and hopefully feel a bit better, feel free to list out what youv'e been eating for the last few days including portion sizes, specific veggies, fruit, fat and protein, workouts, pre and post workout meals etc...

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Keep focused... and keep a sense of perspective of how good it will be in only a short time from now.

It may seem like a marathon in front of you but in reality it is only 30 days.  The perspective of time can vary depending on the challenge in front of you.  I remember what I thought was an ominous challenge for me on the first day of boot camp some 3 decades ago (and due to an injury I spent more than twice the normal time before I left Parris Island.)  Looking back now I can see that it was not that difficult ....with the right attitude.  I approach the first thirty days of my W30 eating plan with much of the same learned wisdom.

Imagine to yourself the most difficult task in your life thus far of which you needed to deal.  Put into perspective that W30 will be much easier because all you have to do is eat really good food.  Right now the new routine is so out of whack from which your physical being is used to doing.  The opening theory of the Whole 30 concept is not hard and it lists items for people who ARE in difficult situations.  There are men and women who are fighting disease.  There are people worldwide who are struggling against oppression.  There are parents who are trying to comprehend the unreasonable death of a child.  Those are just a few comparisons of folks who are dealing with real tough stuff.  And those are very difficult things... Whole 30 is just an eating plan that is "boot camp" for a better, future eating lifestyle.

I am still only a Private in the W30 regime, having only been a few months since starting sometime earlier this year (in fact, the starting and finishing dates are irrelevant now because of my food attitude change.)  Keep focused on the long term results.  There are many members here who will attest to all the positives that you will realize once you get there.

A motivator for me of eating good food is remembrances of oatmeal, powdered eggs and SOS at 0530... When I was 18 I was only concerned about the taste of burgers, fries and Mary Lou's lipstick on a Friday night... the contrast of mess hall chow was bad tasting food!  I do not ever want to experience that again if at all possible.  I now have that freedom of choice and I am striving to get back to the shape I was in when in service... you can do it too!

Keep your chin up.  In the bigger picture, it is only 30 days ...and not really too difficult because all you are doing is eating good nutritious food. 



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