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Starting July 16th!


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Hi all!


My name Megan. I am 27, mommy to one little boy and 2 dogs, and wife to a wonderful man.


I am starting the Whole30 with a friend of mine. She's doing it for her own reasons, and I'm partially here for support, but also for my reasons as well. Quire a few years ago, after a break up from my now-husband (funny how those things work haha), I went through a pretty low period and gained a lot of weight. I'm not exactly active, and I know I don't eat the best, so I'm trying to jumpstart on a commitment of 30 days. I want to do something that has been shown to work, and I have heard A LOT about the Whole30. I'm terrified but also really excited to start. (:


Also in 2 months, my best friend gets married and I'd like to look awesome in my bridesmaid dress. <3

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My husband and I are starting today too!  We just got back from vacation.  We would have started on July 1st....but wanted to enjoy our vacation.  

This is our 6th whole 30.  I am still working on my food freedom.  I started my first whole 30 last April because I was exhausted all the time, headaches, nauseous, anxiety.  With 2 small kids at home I didn't have time to feel sick and tired.  I had been diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in 2012 and thought I was getting better but the exhaustion stayed.  Cutting all the crap out of my died helps!  But I always slide back and start feeling awful again. 

Looking forward to the next 30 days!

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