Gluten reintroduction -severe symptoms normal?

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I did my first round whole 30 minutes successful and felt great. Did the slow roll reintro by the books. Today was my gluten reintro day. Ive heard oats can contain some amounts of gluten so i thought id start there. Had an acai bowl from Costco with banana chip granola(oats) and ive thrown up about 7 times since (11am -230pm), have unbearable stomach pains, and symptoms arent lightening up. 


Is this normal/common? My mom and sister both have celiac disease...  is my body telling me i have it too? 


Thanks for the insight!

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I don't know a lot about celiac, but that's a lot of vomiting! Personally I think you might want to go to the doctor. The definitive diagnosis for celiac is a biopsy on the intestinal lining I think. Is it possible you got food poisoning? This seems like an abnormally extreme reaction to me. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling this bad!

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