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Here I go! First timer, Day 1 (7/17)


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Hi there! My name is Jenelle. I'm 33, mother of 2. 

I did an 8-week program in the past called I Quit Sugar, but only got 3 weeks due to domestic problems in my home.

I have always had a hard time GAINING weight due to a syndrome that I have, so I used to focus on trying to eat healthier because I could eat a lot of junk food and "get away with it" waist-wise. After having 2 kids though, I have extreme bloat, at times looking 5 months pregnant honestly. I have noticed this since my last baby was about 6 months old (so a little over 3 years now). It has gotten pretty bad this past year to the point that my tummy sticks out farther than anything else, and I'm tired of looking like a skinny, unhealthy pear. I think I suffer from adrenal fatigue due to the domestic abuse I endured for 2-3 years. OK, let's also include these suspects: candida from a sugar addiction and yeast (beer). I developed horrible eating habits that involved neglecting myself (since I had to push myself to care for my kids), alcohol almost daily, and comfort eating in excess after the kids were in bed at night.

My other biggest challenge: my MOOD SWINGS. For the past 2 years I have had extreme mood swings that can start as early as 10 days before my period. I have really struggled with the mom guilt and stress that this causes me. I'd like more than 2-3 level-headed weeks/month, and I suspect it is a hormone imbalance. I have done tons of research on different herbs, etc I can use... but I know the biggest and most empowering factor is ultimately my diet (and sleep!).

I'd like to start exercising too since I get winded easily and know that I am high-risk for CHD (according to genetics results on 23andme and family history).

I have probably only gained about 10 pounds more than my usual (I used to stay at 114 and barely fluctuate). I think the last time I was weighed I was 125, but I am not certain and will be taking measurements including weight so I can keep track of that in addition to my moods and other afflictions (I'll be using the "non-scale victories PDF" for inspo). 

Anyways... it's been a really hard last 4 years for me, and I'm really proud of myself for making this happen. I bought the book, I jumped in at a time that seems like it avoids some tempting dates (my bday in Sept)... I'm tired of knowing all about the good things for my body, spending lots of time learning about nutrition, superfoods, etc, and still not choosing them due to bad habits, failure to plan, and lots of excuses. Enough is enough!

Hope to hear from some others who may be in similar boats -- parents, maybe you bullet journal, or anyone else who can relate to some of the above. :)

Cheers from Jenelle in the middle of Day 1

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