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Odd work hours and eating within one hour of waking


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Hi everyone!! I'm on day 10 of my first W30 and I am FINALLY feeling okay. I was struggling with massive bloating at first but I'm feeling fine today! That being said, I have an essential question for the pros out there. 

I work really odd hours as a morning news producer. My alarm goes off at 3am every day and I'm out the door by 3:40am latest. I have a 30 minute drive to work and then it's off to the races. I pack a breakfast (usually a spinach and tomato frittata with homemade chicken sausage and 1/4-1/2 avocado) but I don't eat it until around 9am. Before breakfast I'll have around 2 cups of coffee with nutpod creamer and a ton of fruit infused water. Then I'll have lunch at around 1pm at home, snack before and after gym at 4p, dinner at 7ish... bed at 8 or 9pm. 

Does my body not being "awake" at the ungodly 3am hour really matter that much? Or can I continue with my way of "waking myself up" at 9am with the rest of the world if that's what works for me? It's hard because it feels like I'm awake for so long ... meaning eating can easily get way out of control. 

I've thought of trying to eat 1 hard boiled egg as I'm leaving the house, but I can't see how much difference that would really make! And I'm also worried it might make me RAVENOUS all morning. 

On weekends, I'm definitely eating within an hour of waking no problem. 

Thanks for your help! 

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Our recommendation is to eat within an hour of waking. If you regularly get up at 3am then that is your awake time. Waiting 6 hours to eat is just messing with your hormones and ultimately (eventually if not already), your sleep and better health.  Caffeine is an appetite suppressant so you aren't really getting a good picture of what your body needs for early morning food when you're using coffee and all that water as a stop-gap until you decide it's a reasonable awake time. ;) 

Realistically if you are up at 3am, eat breakfast by 4am and then do a second breakfast (full or smaller) at 9am and carry on. You are awake for a long time which means your body needs proper fuel during those hours. 

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Thanks for your advice! Past two days I've eaten before leaving the house (egg salad and a big bowl of spinach)... no issues there. I'm an eater. I can always eat. 

My problem now is that I'm struggling with bloating, constipation and a weirdly late period (2 days is odd for me). I didn't know there would be this many hormonal issues going on during Whole30! It's really throwing me for a loop. I think the stress is causing me to snack a little bit more than I should... for example, here's today...

M1: big heap of baby spinach + 3 hard boiled eggs w/ mayo (egg salad)

M2: heap of romaine lettuce w/ tomatoes, olives, hard boiled egg + tuna salad (mayo) + a little homemade balsamic vinagrette

M3: Baby carrots w/ homemade ranch

M4: Handful of cashews w/ dried pears

M5: Salmon cake w/ roasted green beans, broccoli, carrots and butternut squash 

------ and yesterday -----

M1: heap of baby spinach, 1 homemade chicken sausage patty, 1 hard boiled egg

M2: 1/4 spinach and tomato frittata w/ 1 homemade chicken sausage patty + 1/4 avocado

M3: Epic Bar

M4: handful of cashews w/ dried pears 

M5: cole slaw from whole30 book (the one with cashews and basil) with grilled shrimp

I feel like I'm not helping myself by being so snack heavy and nut heavy... but lately (and this could be my period) i'm feeling like I want it or need it. Maybe I'm not truly satisfied by my morning meals? 

Anyway. Day 12 and I feel like I would do anything for a good poop and a lighter feeling. I feel like a sloth!!! My workouts are suffering too. 



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Try increasing your meals... salad greens need to be a TON because they chew down to almost nothing so add some heartier veggies to your morning meal... in your second day, you have no fat in your first meal and in your second, a serving of avocado to make up a fat source is 1/2 to a whole avo so double that up too :)  Maybe take another look at the template also and consider that we recommend not counting the cooking fat as your only fat source in a meal as much of it is cooked off, left in the pan and split between portions so adding a plated fat at every meal is a good practice.

Some people when they are on their period or in the week leading up to it eat near double what they would normally... there are threads all over this forum about that... If you're hungry, eat but try and leave the fruit, dried fruit and nuts alone and eat actual food... make it a mini meal of protein and fat and if you can, veggies... just like a template meal but about half.

An increase in veggies should help the poop department also and nuts have been known to clog people up.

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