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Day 3 and Already Seeing Results! Is it Possible?


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Hi everyone!

So I’ve only been on Whole30 for 4 days, but I’m already noticing a huge positive change... For over 10 years now I’ve been overweight (about 50 lbs) and suffering with swollen ankles.  I’ve gone to countless doctors over the years, they’ve done tests of course to make sure it’s nothing serious like a blood clot, etc, and they always just say it’s due to weight gain, tell me to wear compression stockings and send me on my way.  Well, my fiance’s Cousin recommended Whole30 to me.  She said “I’d be willing to bet money you have an allergy to a food/food group that is causing this”... I have to say that after just 4 days my ankles aren’t COMPLETELY deflated, but I can actually see the bone and they are smaller than they’ve been in a LONG TIME.  I mean, I’m still suffering from headaches, but I’m pushing through because I really want to see what other health advantages/weight loss I will see from it (I’m aware it’s not a diet for weight loss but I’m still hoping to lose a few lbs) but this whole ankle thing is very exciting to me! I thought I was doomed to have swollen ankles forever, now I have some hope :)

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