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Ayerveda and Whole 30 - the Breakfast dilemma for a kapha


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Hello - 

I am starting the whole 30 restart next Monday morning. I current take a vega protein and greens shake w/ some unsweetened almond milk (I don't do dairy already). 


I am a kapha - in ayurveda, this is a person with a sluggish disposition for whom a breakfast of champions is not a healthy choice. I already get up early, walk, do yoga for an hour at home and really gag at the thought of eggs, veggie (Especially raw), sausage, meat, and carbs in the morning. 


So - that being said...how do people who are not breakfast eaters not because they would prefer pancakes and cereal but because breakfast in a traditional sense just makes no sense to them. 


I have lost weight and generally been healthier by not eating a "whole" food breakfast or skipping it all together. 


But, I want to honor the spirit of this program too as I believe I am at a point right now in my life where a commitment such as this one would be very good for me to do for myself. 



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Eating a full breakfast within an hour of waking up is a recommendation because the creators of whole30 believe that for most people, that is the healthiest option. However, it isn't a rule. You could skip breakfast or have a smoothie made of compliant ingredients and you'd be doing a whole30.

I personally would suggest thinking of this month as a time to experiment. When is the last time you spent several weeks in a row eating three full meals, no snacks? Are you absolutely certain that what you're doing now is definitely the best thing for you? What if you follow the rules and the recommendations for 30 days and find out breakfast actually makes a huge difference for you? If it doesn't, you go back to what you were doing before, but you know you gave it a shot so you'll know you're doing the best thing for you.

You might find these interesting:  




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Thanks Shannon - I appreciate that thought provoking answer. I have found some compliant ingredients for my smoothie which is nice but - as you said - maybe the smoothie deal I have been doing for over a year could be a blocker to better health...

One of my blockers to eating a substantive bfast is that I take my bfast to work with me. This means - I eat it mindlessly at my desk. 

Mindless eating is a major issue for me. Almost as large as emotional eating. I have been reading a book called "How to eat" from Thich Nhat Hanh....and he speaks about eating mindfully as a practice of being still and focusing on your food...as a way to connect with your body and mind and the food you are eating. 

I also know I enjoy the sweetness of the smoothie. So my non sweetened smoothie was definitely more "natural" in flavor. 


I also do a kundalini yoga routine almost immediately after I rise. Having a full stomach is sort of icky when I do my practice. But, it is an joyful thing to be able to finish up and not have to rush about to get out the door. Again discipline is required and it is something I really need to work on. 

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