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Day 4 - Painful bloating/distention and diarrhea

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Hi All! I just started Whole30 (wrapping up day 4) as a way to troubleshoot my already existing digestive issues and trouble with food.

Right away.... there was trouble. At the end of Day 2 I started having painful diarrhea which has continued morning and night. I also started having horrible stomach distention/bloating on and off - which has turned into constant distention for the last 24 hours or so. I had a lot of nuts on my first day and a half - so I cut that out. I also have always thought I've had an egg sensitivity - so I stopped having eggs after Day 1's breakfast. I have also had a slight loss of appetite due to all these issues (although I struggled with nausea prior to whole30)

Is this normal? Should I just push through?

Feeling ok otherwise - normal energy and no headaches.


Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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This is definitely not normal, although if you start whole30 with underlying conditions, it is hard to say what normal will look like for you. But this is definitely not it.

Cutting out nuts is a good first step -- they can be hard on the digestion even for people who don't already have issues. 

Until you get the diarrhea cleared up, focus on having fairly bland foods, and making sure your vegetables are cooked. Grilled or baked chicken, broth and soups made from it, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with ghee, olive oil or coconut oil and salt. Also drink plenty of water to be sure you don't end up dehydrated. Hopefully this will help you feel better in a day or two, and then you can add back in other foods as you feel like it.

You might want to read up on FODMAPS. Many people with digestive problems find it helpful to limit or even cut out high FODMAP foods. Read up on them, see if it sounds like something that might be helpful for you. Here's a good article to start with:  https://www.thepaleomom.com/modifying-Paleo-for-fodmap-intolerance/

Do try to keep some sort of food diary where you track what you eat and what symptoms you experience so that maybe you can see if there's a pattern to what you experience. 


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