SWYPO vs. Enjoying your food


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I'm on day four of my first Whole30 and I'm trying to be very in tune with my body and sugar dragon and I'm struggling to differentiate between just really liking/enjoying something vs. feeding my sugar dragon.

On day 1, I picked up a Lara bar after work for an in-between appointments filler to keep me until I could get dinner. I had never had a Lara Bar before. I got a compliant flavor and was AMAZED at how yummy it was!! I ate it, loved the way it tasted, noted that it wasn't the most filling thing but works in a pinch. But I couldn't get over how good it was. I didn't feel the need to eat five more but I just was shocked at how yummy this was. Do I like it so much because of my Sugar Dragon? Is it a weird form of SWYPO? I don't feel like it replaces any of my old/go-to treats, but it is a sweet bar. I've thought about how it would be nice to have on hand but I havne't felt the need to eat one just because since day 1. 

On day 3, I got a box of the Rx Vanilla Almond Butter, which is compliant. I used it as a topping for my banana. Same effect as the Lara Bar. It was SO GOOD. It didn't leave me wanting more or thinking of other sugar type treats. I just really really liked the way it tastes. 

So, how do I differentiate between SWYPO and just really enjoying something? 

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Just be aware of your "needs" at the time you're eating it. If you are manufacturing emergencies just so you can eat these items, that would be worth noting. Or "treat mentality". I had a bad day, eff it, I deserve to have something that I like and it's compliant so screw it. That sort of thing would be a red flag. 

Overall I would just steer far clear of this stuff. It's not your best choice nutritionally anyway.

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Yeah...it may not have set you off to the point that you needed to run to the store to get 5 more, but if you have another one in the car, I'd bet dollars to donuts that you would have eaten that one too. 

And with the nut butter, because of the dates they put in it, it's seriously bordering on the edge of compliance since it's sweetened but technically date-sweetened-things are compliant if all the other ingredients are. 

I'd stay away.

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