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Whole30 Complete - Working Towards Whole100


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I am so thankful to my friend (Jilly P) for introducing me to the Whole30. After hearing the details of the plan, I was committed to starting the next day. So glad I did! December 29, 2012 was Day 30. Today is Day 34.

Before I started the W30, I was suffering from a plethora of ailments: PMS, back pain, neck pain, gas, bloating, low energy, trouble focusing. I thought this is just how my life is now and I need to get used to it. Glad I didn't accept that as an answer!


  • Meal planning - even planning as little as a couple of hours ahead of meal time will help. When hunger strikes, I do not feel the need to eat everything in sight.
  • Drinking lots of water!
  • Planning in case of temptation - bringing fruit and nuts with me when leaving the comfort of my compliant kitchen
  • Going easy on myself when going out to eat - do my best to navigate the menu and make good choices based on the knowledge available
  • Accepting that certain foods were not an option - this was very helpful over the holidays while surrounded by cookies, cakes, and sugary sweets
  • Being accountable! Jilly P and I text images of our meals to each other every day for encouragement, ideas, and a compliance/sanity check
  • When I did feel temptation rising, I drank some coconut water or ate a few dates
  • A very supportive husband who appreciated the home-cooked food, regardless if it was on “some dietâ€


  • PMDD/PMS symptoms decreased significantly
  • Random body aches decreased
  • More energy!
  • No longer need caffeine to wake up
  • GI regularity (you know what I'm talking about people!)
  • Do not feel hungry/starving between meals


  • Vegetables are now a part of every meal - tried 3 new ones (kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts)
  • Lost 10 pounds…so far


  • Keep going to Day 60, then Day 100
  • Try more new vegetables
  • Try organ meat…very scary thought
  • Consider W30 as a way of living long-term

March 9, 2013 will be Day 100. Wish me luck!

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Way to go, luvlife! 100 days? I think that is definitely do-able. If I hadn't moved, lost my job, blah, blah, I would have been at my goal weight now. Once I went all Paleo, I realized what a difference it made in my life, my performance at the gym, and different sports. ANd even the ease of turning and twisting in my car to see behind me, or tying my shoes, or stooping down to pick stuff up, and up and down stairs. I used to pause before having to do those things and now it's not even a thought. go forth and conquer!

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