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Does weight loss decline if you continue Whole 30 after the first 30 days?

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My husband and I were thrilled with the results of our first Whole30 - he lost 13lbs and I lost 8lbs. We've continued with another 30 days but our weight loss hasn't changed. We know the program isn't wholly for weight loss but it is important to the two of us. It's not because we've reached where we should be - we could both do with losing another 20lbs or so.  I'm wondering if we should switch to another plan (i.e. paleo, keto), to get faster weight loss and then switch back to Whole30, or whether to just keep going? Anyone else have experience of diminishing weight loss results?  

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As you've said in your post, this program is not designed for weight loss.  Weight loss is not linear so there are always times of plateau.  Your best bet is to figure out your own food freedom using the tools you have from the program and reintroduction and then focus on feeding your body healthy food in sufficient quantities... when your body is stable and your hormones are stable, if your body has weight to lose (which sometimes does not align with our expectation or wish to lose weight) then the weight will eventually come off.

We don't offer suggestions or advice on what program to use to lose weight or how to use the Whole30 to make it a weight loss diet.

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