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Stomach Pains

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I'm on day 10 of Whole30 and I've had two different incidents of stomach pains bad enough to send me to bed early. I'm not typically one to have such pains. 

The first occurred after dinner on day 6 when I ate: Cauliflower, Asparagus, Bacon, and a "cream sauce" made from onion, garlic, bacon grease, and some nut pods creamer. 

The second occurred before dinner on day 9, prior to the cramps I had consumed: a LaCroix, half cup of decaf coffee w/hazelnut nut pods. 

I am included to think that it could be the nut pods, though I've always used non-dairy creamer/milks our of pure preference (usually coconut milk, but have used nut pods prior to my whole 30) so I'm not sure why nut pods would suddenly start giving me trouble. 

Both cramps/stomach pains were enough to send me to bed early. The first time I woke up refreshed and just fine but the second set lingered into the early morning before vanishing completely. 

This morning (Day 10) I skipped the nutpods in my morning coffee and just added a splash of whole coconut milk to my coffee + vital proteins drink. So far, so good.

My general food intake has been:

Breakfasts: Chicken + Apple Sausage, Mixed Greens, Apple + Cashew + Vital Proteins "mash"

Lunch: Grilled/Baked Meat + Cauliflower or Butternut Squash, 1/2 avocado or handful of nuts (rotating meets between Chicken, Lamb and Beef) 

Dinner: Various Whole30 recipes that usually include Chicken or Beef, a green veggie, and cauliflower rice

Additionally: On occasion I am hungry in between, I do a banana w/almond butter or a handful of nuts. 

Any thoughts??

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Cauliflower makes a lot of people gassy and bloated, carbonated beverages can do the same. Nuts and things made from them can as well. It might be the nutpods, it might be something else. And for anything, how much you've had can make a difference, so for instance, I can eat cauliflower once a a day, no problems, occasionally can do twice a day as long as it isn't every day, but having it at three meals in one day leaves me with very painful gas. Combining it with other items that cause similar problems causes similar results. So it might be less that one thing you ate caused this, and more that you had several things together that did.

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