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Timing of food - when to get all the food in when I get up so early and work out right away.


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I am having a hard time getting all the food before workout, post workout and breakfast 1hour after waking. 




Take thyroid pill on an empty stomach

Wake and start work out. (a very physical kundalini yoga set and/or resistance training) So I need to eat a meal sized protein protein portion and fat right? @4am

I work out for 1.5 hours starting at 4. So I miss my 1 hour window for bfast meal. 

530am Then I have to eat my post workout. Protein and cold sweet potato. 

530? The pretty much immediately, because I have to eat bfast - I have to eat bfast. 


So in the course of 1.5 hrs I need to eat 1 egg plus fat (Prewo), then eat post workout meal - eggwhite plus sweet potato, then eat bfast - veggie scramble w/ 2 eggs, some sliced salmon or something and perhaps some fruit. 


Then I don't eat lunch until 1230...so I go 7 HOURS without ANY FOOD while eating a bunch of food before the sun even rises. 


I am HAMSTER HUNGRY by the time I get to lunch and so likely to overeat now its not even funny. And by overeating I mean stuffing myself with compliant foods but still too long to wait. 


Then I head home again and 3 days I week I run - so again with the eggs, prewo go run for 1 hour or so - then egg whites and sweet tators, then DINNER. Dinner won't be until 730 or so. 


On a two work out day - I am going to eat 3 eggs + 1 egg white in the am and 2 eggs + 1 egg white in the evening. 7 eggs in a day? 

Or a significant amount of calories ALL within a short period of time both for AM and PM meals. and omg the eggs...


Am I missing something here? 

Is this program for people who don't work out? Or don't work out a lot? 

Or don't work out strenuously? 


I can't tell but I am trying really hard to get the stinking timing of all this dang eating down. 

I feel like start the day w/ a gut of food and then struggle to get the lunch, then some days end the day with a gut of food again. 



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Okay... ya, lets simplify things a bit :)

First, the eating within an hour of waking thing is to get your hormones in balance.  The fact that you eat a preworkout and post workout is plenty of food within that hour to indicate to your body that you're up (along with working out).  Maybe move your breakfast to 4-5 hours before your lunch so you're not going so long before lunch and not jamming food in there at the crack of dawn.

Do you only eat eggs as protein or do you also eat meat and fish?  If you only eat eggs then yes, you'll be eating a lot of eggs but we've had people do the whole program on just eggs.  If you DO eat other sources of protein then mix it up... the recommendations are protein and fat before workout and lean protein and starch after... no requirement to make that all eggs and sweet potato.

As for the afternoon runs, you could try not doing the preworkout if you feel that your last meal would be sufficiently timed... preworkout is basically a signal to your body that it can burn fuel because more is incoming so if your meal was close, then that might work.  We definitely recommend post workout after anything strenuous but that's just a couple bites of the lean protein and starch - within about 30-45 min you could eat your dinner...

Does that help a bit?

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Thank you SugarCube!!! Ironic nickname!


So - I am having to shift my attention away from a sweetened smoothie to a non-sweetened smoothie which has gotten rather gross so now I am trying out new protein for my breakfast meals. Eggs, smoked fish. Of course this is requiring reading A LOT of labels and I am sorely disappointed in the # of compliant luncheon meats there are on the market. I think I am determined though. In the mean time, my breakfast today is a hemp powdered non sweet, almond milk (compliant) almond butter, with a few blue berries and a dash of cacao for interest. It is a very earthy flavor for sure but it works. It also has some fiber in it and I am dealing with some bloat which is something I had before I did whole30 so I am considering adding less powder and maybe some more green veggies..


I am not a breakfast eater at all. I am way too sluggish in the morning and I know this. But, I am committed to this program and want to try to give my body a break and work out the details later. 

I have an ethical issue with egg production so I am seeking a local source of eggs. Store eggs seem sad to me. And they are sad. I want to eat happy food!


I also added a compliant MCT oil to give me some mental power and energy plus it ups my calorie counts which I an issue for me often. 


I am working on identifying the behavior issues I have with food...

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So... how about instead of doing the berry/almond milk bowl, we work on getting you eating a proper breakfast... if you have to change what you normally do, lets change it up entirely so you can see what the difference is between eating a hearty breakfast and eating berries and nuts/nut butter.

It's not uncommon for people to not be interested in breakfast and it's actually a hormonal imbalance that is partially if not all the way responsible for this - it's why people feel they can eat a sweet breakfast but not a savory one.  The only way around it is through it though so you kind of have to just commit to being uncomfortable for a bit... it usually starts to resolve where you begin to want that hearty breakfast in about a week.

You don't need to eat eggs either... any leftovers would work or anything you eat for any other meal... summer breakfast salads are a big thing around these parts ;)

Have you had a look at our meal template?  It's linked in my signature below - the tiger blood and energy and metal clarity and all those good things are generally linked to people who follow both the rules and the recommendations (the template being the biggest recommendation we have).

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