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Spicy Pico de Gallo / Guacamole


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Yesterday while shopping I grabbed a layered Pico de Gallo guacamole dip. I didn’t check the ingredients because I had previously purchased one of the same brand and the ingredients were fine. Well, I accidentally grabbed the spicy version. I luckily smelled the extra spice immediately when I opened it tonight and checked the ingredients and to my dismay, there were some I didn’t recognize. Most of the ingredients are fine, but I’m unsure on the last two:

- Calcium Citrate

- Pectinmethylesterase (glycerol, water, potassium chloride)


my inclination is is that the calcium citrate is okay (because calcium carbonate and sodium citrate are both listed on the acceptable section of the  additive pdf), but the pectinmethylesterase isn’t because of the glycerol. Is that correct? I’d really hate for my dip to go to waste, but I want to remain 100% compliant. 


Thanks in advance!


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