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Has anyone gotten over stomach problems caused by the whole30?

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I started having bad stomach pains and low energy day 27-28 and onward (6 days post whole30 right now).  I wanted to see if it was just me and found a huge amount of people that this is happening to.  Just search "whole30 stomach pains" and you'll see what I mean.  I see the whole30 moderators offering suggestions to people, but I don't see where anybody came back and said oh yes, that worked it out for me!  

Why would your stomach start hurting after you have been on the same program for almost 30 days?

Also, I went to my pharmacy to get the digestive enzyme that whole30 says my body needs to digest foods and my pharmacist has never heard of this except for lactose intolerance.  I explained that I have not had any dairy for 36 days so i do not need an enzyme for that - I told him the whole30 program said I may need a digestive enzyme.  He could not figure out what that might be and could only offer me probiotics and gas relief pills.  I had to drive back to my office and google exactly what a digestive enzyme was so I could tell the pharmacist.  

Bottom line they did not carry digesitve enzymes so I bought gas relief pills and probiotics and started them immediately.  

So has anyone healed their gut problem that they got when they were almost done with the whole30 30 days?  It has been a week of stomach pain - looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.


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So, first, people typically come to the forum and post when they have an issue. A seeming abundance of people who've had stomach problems does not necessarily mean that most people who do a Whole30 will have significant stomach discomfort. And similarly in the way that people are quick to complain when something is wrong, they're less likely to make a point to say that something was right or worked properly or accomplished the thing it was suggested for. 

You're much more likely to find digestive enzymes at GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe or a "health food" store than at a pharmacy. Or Amazon. If you google "Whole30 digestive enzyme" you'll get suggestions of brands and varieties. 

Have you posted previously and given a detailed breakdown of what you've been eating lately? The mods typically ask for that first before making any suggestions. 

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