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FooJoy China Jasmine Green Tea

Sophie Klarion

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I'm a college student, and about to start this program in a week. That said, I'm gathering information before I go off to college for the semester. Stocking up is the way to go for me, as most of the grocery stores up near my school probably won't have anything I need when I start the program on the 14th.

Let me get to the point: I read the rules for the Whole30 program, and based on the information I gathered on FooJoy's China Jasmine Green Tea, I don't THINK that this tea has any ingredients that would throw the plan off balance. Of course, it doesn't help that I can't find my box or much information as to whether it has stevia (doubtful) or anything else that would mess me up. Does anyone else know about this tea and have any idea if I can drink it during the whole 30?

Sorry for the wordy question. x.x

P.S: Sorry I know this must be a dumb question since it's green tea, but I was just curious just to be on the safe side.

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