July Whole30!


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Finished my first ever successful Whole30! I am down 18 pounds and a pant size. More importantly, I am in control of my food for the first time ever, my mood is improved, my energy is SO much higher, and my skin is cleared up. I learned a few things too - my body loves fats and carbs in the morning! I'm full for the first 6 hours of my day instead of starving by 10 am. Counting calories (clearly) isn't as important as I thought it was. Fat is not the enemy, in fact, I think it's the secret weapon :D Brushing my teeth feels fresher than chewing gum. People don't notice or comment nearly as much as I thought they would about me not eating or eating my own food, and they are pretty respectful when I say "no thank you" (with the exception of my mother haha). Most importantly; the scale isn't the only measure of success. :wub:


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Congrats!! I just started round two - five months after finishing my first W30. Eating mostly 'whole' has become the norm for me and the transformation has been beyond what I would have expected. Good luck with your reintroductions and on your continuing journey. 


- ML

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3 hours ago, Akikaki said:

I'm almost done with the Whole30 I'm wondering what the reintroductions means

Reintroductions are when you add back in foods that you've eliminated for the Whole30 to see how you react to them, so you can use that information to decide if they're worth having going forward. If you go to this link, there's information about what to do after your whole30 ends, including a link to more on reintroductions:   https://whole30.com/finished/

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