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Celina M - Whole30 Take 2


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I'm starting a new whole30 today. The first one I did last year was great. I did it. I survived. I figured out what my body could take and what did I do.... Fall of the Rails into a ditch of sweats and sodas. That's what. 

I kept telling myself I going to do another W30, however as soon as anything happen to distract or stress me out it was Big Red and hamburgers. Now I'M DONE. I  can't do this any longer. I need to focus. Keep away from the grans and dairy, which I KNOW my body doesn't like, and the rest of the W30 no-no foods and focus. 

Today is day 0

So far I'm just sleepy. Making myself a cup of black coffee to see if that will perk me up with a bowl of mixed fruit. Wish me luck. 

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Day 0

M1 - 2 over easy eggs, apple chicken sausage, mix fruit (green apple, peach, blueberries)

M2 - 2 beef patties, 1/2 cup mashed sweet potato

M3 - 2 beef patties (i had to eat them), baked french fries (home made), tessamaes ranch

Snack - mixed fruit mix

How the day went...

Sleepy, very sleepy. Missing my coffee. Went to the gym and got on the elliptical for 20 minutes. It wasn't long but it was something. Slowly moving towards longer cardio periods and to resume weight training. 

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Day 1

M1 - 2 scrambled eggs with apple chicken sausage. orange juice.

M2 - Chicken salad - greens, chicken, tomato, cucumber, carrots, tessamaes ranch. more orange juice and crio bru coco coffee 

Snack - Blueberries and almonds

M3 - left over scrambled egg mix from morning + plumcot (Yummm)

How the day went...

Headache. Massive Headache.... I don't know if it was because I'm was going thru caffeine or sugar withdrawal or if I was just hungry. Decided to sleep it off.

Still sleepy. Not much energy. Hopefully that changes soon. 

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