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1st Whole 30 - Started Aug 1


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Hi All, 

Been interested in this way of life for quite some time.  I have wanted to do this, my g/f hasn't been so keen about this.  So she woke up on Monday, and said, "let's do Whole 30 on Aug 1".  I was shocked and take aback, but said You betcha!  

Anyway, I was hesitant on Aug 1, and thought we should push the date back a few days to get more items, and be more prepared, so this we will have a successful outcome.  She was adamant about starting on Wed, so we did.  

Aug 1. -  Breakfast -  Apple (I know limit fruits), 2 HB eggs and sunflower seeds (NOT a GREAT BREAKFAST)

               Lunch -  3 HB eggs, and sunflower seeds (HORRIBLE LUNCH)

              Dinner - Ground Beef and potatoes with a salad and great homemade avocado dressing (DECENT)

Aug 2.   Breakfast - Banana, Pork egg roll in a bowl with 2 eggs on top (DELICIOUS)!!!  -  Getting better

              Lunch -  Pistachios, 3 HB eggs, sunflower seeds and an apple (NOT GOOD LUNCH)

              Dinner - Pulled pork, with a tomato/onion puree, salad w/avocado dressing, and butternut squash 

Aug 3 -  Breakfast - Pork egg roll in a bowl with 2 eggs, and a 1/2 piece of bacon (MORE DELICIOUS)

               Lunch - Ham Club Lettuce Wrap Sandwich, with 2 HB eggs, and pistachios (STARTING TO DIAL IN)

               Dinner - ????


I felt good on Day 1, had a splitting headache at night on Day 2, which it sounds like is normal, fell pretty good today.  I am worried about not eating enough, and not snacking.  This weekend, we'll pick up some beef sticks, and other snack items.  I do like this, and I think it's fun talking to others about this program, and getting their reaction.  I just hope that I can be successful, this weekend, we are planning on setting up the next week.  My other worry, is that we are in the process of moving, and I have a family member who is turning 100, and in the hospital, so STRESS is a big thing over the next month.  Please if anyone has suggestions, or advice, please provide.  

Thanks for all the help/encouragement.




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