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I live in the Twin Cities metro area and I am trying to figure out a good place for breakfast that is Whole 30 compliant. I know so far that Agra Culture is, but I'm looking for something more on the east side of the metro. I don't like to venture into Minneapolis that often. And every good place seems to be in Minneapolis. Definitely a foodie scene over there. 

Can anyone make a good recommendation!

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Best bet - call around and see what restaurants have to offer. Most places have eggs and you can order them poached if necessary, and request a side of avocado and a side of sautéed or steamed spinach or broccoli or salad greens. Eggs Benedict without the ham and the English muffin (confirm they use ghee instead of butter) may be an option.

Get into the habit of talking with your server when you arrive to ensure you get what you want. You're the customer, but you must be proactive and explain what you can eat so they can help.

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I know you posted this a while ago, hope you see the response! I haven't been there on a Whole30, but have heard great things about French Meadow Cafe. There's a location on Grand Ave in St. Paul, and they seem really accommodating and nice. Just peeking at their menu I see a few things that could maybe be modified. 

Let's be real, probably most standard breakfast restaurants are not using ghee over butter or oil :/ as much as I wish they would! 

Good luck! Post on here if you find anywhere good, I'm also in the Twin Cities and would love to know! 

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