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Day 14/ Foodmares, Kombucha, and Parties Oh My


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So last night I had my first food nightmare. It started with accidentally eating a tortilla and turned into me at a large food warehouse eating everything NOT whole30 compliant and thought to myself, well I almost did it. PHEW. I woke up and it's all good. I finished making my homemade chicken broth and felt accomplished for yet another day. 

I did throw a little soiree last night where people were drinking and I made a mocktail (courtesy of the suggestion in the Whole30 Day by Day Journal - thank you!). My mocktail consisted of a lime La Croix, mottled mint, juices from limes and lemons with a splash of salt on top, which was surprisingly flavorful. I did buy orange juice with the intention of drinking that but wanted to steer clear of the sugar content and consuming sugar by itself - so NSV for me there! I did find a lot of good mocktail suggestions though, which included adding berries that looked delicious. I recommend them!

Lastly, help! What's the deal with Kombucha? It is apparently made with bacteria, yeast, and sugar and is considered a fermented tea and the sugar is fermented out but leaves trace amounts of alcohol (my rough interpretation). I've read that we need to read our labels with Kombucha, and I've been buying the GT's version of blueberry, gingerade, etc, ones that don't have alcohol or sugar listed. But is it REALLY Whole30 compliant? 

Thank you!

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