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Dana M

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So I am on Day 15 and thinking about Day 31 (yes I am getting ahead of myself I know).  I have been reading a lot about how to go about reintroducing foods so I can figure out what triggers the headaches I was trying to get rid of.  Oatmeal is one of my most favorite things that obviously I have not been eating for these 30 days.  Is that a high inflammation food?  In terms of a first thing to reintroduce, what are your thoughts about oatmeal?  I do a lot of overnight oats-I used to do them with soy milk but now I will make them with almond milk be less inflammatory.  Thoughts?  Is there any particular order the reintroduction should go in?  I have read many different articles, I understand it's up to me, just gathering information.  I miss my oatmeal!!!!



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You can reintroduce in any order you wish, the important thing is that you reintroduce something at three meals one day, then have at least two days back to completely Whole30 eating (more if you feel like you're still feeling effects from something after two day), and then you don't have whatever you've reintroduced again until you're completely done with reintroductions.

Oatmeal is a non-gluten grain (although there is a high risk of contamination with gluten grains like wheat or barley so people who know they have to avoid gluten, for instance, those with celiac disease, will specifically seek out oatmeal labeled gluten-free). It is fine to do non-gluten grains first, or not. If there's something you suspect you have a sensitivity to, you might put that off until last, or plan an extra day or two of Whole30 eating between it and your next reintroduction for recovery.  

Whole30's position is that grains, whether they contain gluten or not, can be inflammatory. Here's a little bit of explanation: The point of reintroductions is to learn how these foods affect you, personally. If you don't have immediate, noticeable effects, you still want to pay attention if you choose to add foods back into your diet on a regular basis. Sometimes small amounts of something, eaten occasionally, won't cause noticeable effects, but if you have a serving most days during the week, it might be enough that you do notice effects, so once you've finished Whole30 and are working on your Food Freedom, pay attention and if you find you're not feeling as great anymore, go back to Whole30 for a while and then adjust how often or how much of the non-Whole30 stuff you include regularly. 


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