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Homemade vegetable popsicles?

Serena C

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It's a hot summer for us, and no AC means beating the heat usually entails homemade popsicles. 

I've been dreaming up a veggie-based popsicle that would be refreshing (and hopefully not nasty) but still on-plan... My googling has come up empty regarding compliance or non-compliance--apparently nobody makes vegetable popsicles. 

I'm thinking I'd use homemade vegetable puree (NOT juice), maybe compliant coconut milk, and herbs--for example, carrot/beet/ginger, cucumber/lime/mint, or coconut/lemon/basil. I thought about using avocado in there somewhere, but not sure if it would even pair with anything, lol. 

I don't plan to include fruit (unless you count avocado) or fruit juices. 

I feel like something made out of nothing but frozen vegetables is pretty far from SWYPO, but I had to ask. Compliant, or no? Thoughts?

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I guess it's okay. You really should be aiming not to eat between meals, but for an occasional thing, go for it if it sounds good to you.

Honestly, if it were me, I'd probably keep plenty of iced tea, infused water, and sparkling water on hand (maybe mixing things up with an occasional mocktail: https://whole30.com/2013/04/mocktails/), plus regular water of course. Foodwise, maybe chilled soups (like these:   https://whole30.com/2012/07/summer-soups) and foods that don't require a lot of standing over the stove or turning the oven on, like salads, crockpot meals or grilling a bunch of stuff that you could eat chilled for several days. 

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