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Whole30 and 2018


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I am new to Whole30 this year and loving every minute of it!  Found out about the program before attending the GoPro Mountain Games (my son is a whitewater kayaker).  Melissa Hartwig was hosting a Whole30 dinner at the Larkspur Restaurant and I wanted to see what Whole30 was all about.  I purchased all the books in April and started educating myself.  My family gave me a reservation for the dinner at the Larkspur as my birthday present.  BEST gift ever!  I learned so much from the ladies that I sat with, hearing their stories and why Whole30 was awesome in their walk with food and health.  Melissa was a gracious host!  I completed my first Whole30 after that trip, have started my second Whole30 this month.  Inflammation issues are gone, lost 20 pounds and I feel amazing at 53 years old! 

It's not a diet, it's truly an educational lifestyle change that will help me grow old gracefully and healthy.  Cannot wait to continue to learn more from this forum and the Coaches I follow on Instagram.  

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