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Whole 30 Victories


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My wife and I completed our First Whole30 (I have a feeling we'll be doing more).  We were both ecstatic with our weight loss (19 pounds for me and 16 for her), but the NSV's were so much more amazing!

  • Bowel Movements are normal now (previously a big issue for me)
  • Kicked the Caffeine Dragon (I don't like coffee so I was Mr. Coke Zero)
  • Kicked the artificial Sugar Dragon (see above)
  • Clothes fit better
  • Sleep is Amazing
  • Energy is consistent throughout the day
  • Mental Clarity (I was finding myself not being able to summon the right word - now that's gone)
  • Found that there are some amazing healthy whole30 recipes that we want in our "daily" life
  • Found great support and ideas on Instagram
  • I didn't find "Tiger Blood" but I'd say I found "Tiger Cub Blood"

This is going to be a big part of our life going forward.  Both for weight loss/maintenance and for feeling amazing.

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I could pretty much have cut-and-pasted your NSV and weight loss total and made them my own for my first W30 experience (except my caffeine fix was Diet Coke, not Coke Zero). I’m in the middle of my second round, after completing my first at the end of February, and my wife has joined the fun this time.

It’s been a complete life-changer for me. Hope you continue to see the great results. Keep up the hard work.

With appreciation,


PS - Closing in on 200 days without a Diet Coke. Pretty sure Coca-Cola’s stock has taken a hit the past six months :)

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Hello everyone!  I'm new to the forum, but, I have successfully completed my third round of The Whole30 program!  It has completely changed my life for the better.  I could probably write a book about all of the things that have changed in my life but I'll just keep it short.  I live a better quality of life with less pain in my joints, better sleep,  thinking clearer, and weight loss just to name a few.  So far, I've lost a total of 45 pounds!  There's no looking back, this is a way of life for me now! I encourage everyone I know to  try Whole 30.  

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Rather than creating a new thread I decided to build off my July thread.  Since July I had a failed September/October Whole30 and then just completed January.  January was so much easier than either July or September/October and my plan is to be much more stringent with my reintroductions this time.  I was "decent" in July but I think I mixed too many things. 

Also, a complete disclaimer about my SCALE victory.  I WAS attempting to lose a significant amount of weight while remaining 100% compliant with all meal plans.  No calorie restrictions, just a TON of long workouts (1 hour a night on the bike or 5-10 miles of hiking on weekend days).  I worked out 6 days a week even early on when my energy wasn't great.  So please DO NOT take my weight loss as what you "should" have.  I gained a lot of stupid weight over the holidays.  Also for full disclosure I'm a 6' tall male and started at 252 pounds on the dot.  So I'd gained about 25 pounds from September until December.  All. Bad. Weight.  So I was starting from an inflated number.  I ended my Whole30 at 228.8 pounds so 23.2 pounds lost - but really a net 1.8 from my lowest of 2018. 

Most importantly Non Scale Victories:

  • I totally eliminated snacking after week 2.  This was still a struggle for me on previous Whole30s but this time 3 meals when done according to the template really did carry me through (and then some in some cases).  
  • My meals started getting smaller and keeping me full longer. That being said, towards the end I had to force myself to eat more vegetables than I wanted (e.g. I was full) to make sure I got as many nutrients as I felt my body wanted.  
  • My workouts were so much stronger and easier from start to finish of the program.
  • I really tracked my sleep this time.  Before the whole30 I was averaging 16-17% of REM Sleep a night.  Once I was about a week in that shot up to 21% with my best night a full 30% REM Sleep!  Dreams were there.
  • Like July I had consistent energy throughout the day.
  • Caffeine and Fake Sugars are still at bay (never returned after July frankly)
  • I really didn't have much in the way of "bad" cravings this time.  I did have some significant sushi cravings though. :) 

I will be returning sometime in March for an AIP Whole30 because one of my biggest issues is with Hashimoto's and a raspy voice.  Whole30 hasn't resolved that so I'm going to try AIP before sucking it up and going on medicine.  I look forward to seeing other January "graduates" results!

My reintroduction order is Gluten - Legumes - Non Glulten - Dairy (which I'll be doing in phases itself).  Day 1 with gluten and I do not feel good.  I had a biscuit and it felt like a lead balloon hitting my stomach and I feel very sluggish right now although that could also be due to a rough night of sleep (dog issues).  

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