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Skin Breakout.....On day 30 (??)


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Hey All,

I don't really have problem skin but will experience a breakout from time to time, especially related to my cycle.  What is weird is that the first day of my period after being whole30 compliant for 30 friggin days I've got a big breakout on only the right side of my face. Even while eating junk my breakouts have never been this bad, it's very uncharacteristic of my skin.

I realize there are probably a ton of factors that could influence this (summer heat, skin products, hormonal changes to due dietary difference, the fact that I went camping last weekend and slathered sunscreen all over my face), but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this at the tail end of their whole 30 experience? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!!


Note: I haven't really experienced breakouts on the other 29 days of whole30

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