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Yesterday was day 7 for me, however I am starting at day 1 today becauseee...

I got grain free sushi, but used the soy sauce. I realized later when my kids asked me what I had for dinner..and I explained. so here we go!!!


my mood has improved

my sleep has improved

my gut has improved, no more pain, no more swollen stomach

I am finding it pretty easy to whip up a meal...as random as they may seem they always taste good


what I need to do better this time:

Keep food on my, if I have to wear a fanny pack.

eat when I am hungry (meal time differs right now for us as we are in a stressful situation)

slow down extra when it seems to good to be true (ie. sushi)

and enjoy the process!

Thankfully my husband supports this.

My period is coming, does anyone have any tried and true tips on how to avoid the crazy cravings during that time? I can get reall moody...Im hoping it will naturally be better because I have been eating this way for about 12 days even though I restarted..


also does anyone have anything to share on workouts? How they have changed...what they have learned? I am pretty athletic daily, haven't done much working out yet



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