Good bar to carry in my purse besides Larabar?

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 This is my third day of the whole30. I have a real sweet tooth, so I bought some Larabars in case I was tempted by sweets when I was out of the house. I stuck one in my purse today and had it about an hour ago.

I had turkey bacon with basil and grape tomatoes on grilled eggplant for breakfast  and grilled chicken with vegetables for lunch. 

My energy level was doing fine until I had the Larabar, and then suddenly I just felt exhausted. I actually had to lay down on the couch in my office for half an hour. I think Larabar might have too much sugar for me. Is there another healthy, whole30 compliant bar that I can keep in my purse for between-meals snacks when I’m out of the house? Thanks! 

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Wild Zora meat and veggie bars! I like the BBQ or Curry Turkey flavors the best! They’re soft with a nice texture and taste delicious! Very nutritious too! And they don’t set of my sugar dragon! 

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