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reflections on a new way of eating


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Today was my first day back to work and the first day eating in this manner. I am a caffeine addict, however, as I like my coffee with cream; I decided to go with herbal tea. Well, for today that worked and I was okay. I was not suffering from the coffee withdrawal.

I am not sure how this will all work as I am definitely someone who thoroughly enjoys her breads, pasta, and rice. So I am focusing on one day at a time, rather than the 30 days.

So it is now after 7pm, the kitchen is clean and kitchen lights are out, so the kitchen is closed.

I did Day 1 and for that I am grateful.

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Way to go Kaycee!!

I too have had my share of struggles with the pastas and breads. I used to love eating toast, and having good sandwiches, Italian pasta dishes, and all that.... but I made a decision last year that I no longer wanted to be a middle-aged frumpy woman and made the switch. I started in February of 2012 and cut out all sugars, and anything that converts to glucose in my system (breads, fruit, pasta, etc...) and it took 5 months but I lost 30 pounds.

Anyway, I don't mean to go on bout my own self, just wanted to add in some encouragement for you! you can do this.

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