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First timer starting on Monday, August 13


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Hello all,

I'll be starting the Whole30 in earnest on Monday, August 13.  After a whole lot of life changes over the course of the past couple years (divorce, teen-to-adult children going this way and that, a new job, moving to a new city, beginning a new relationship, etc. etc.), I need to get myself in hand.  Also being just upwards of 40, I've noticed steady "normal" aging issues that my friends who have better habits just aren't facing (specifically digestive issues and all those fatigue/inflammatory things talked about in the Whole30 book).  I'm tired of wishing I could do this or that, and tired of wishing I could wear this or that.  A lot of mental housecleaning has been going on, but I'm ready for some physically changes as well.  I'm tired of letting my relationship with food, the expectations of a food driven culture, and the chemistry of digestion rule so many parts of my life. 

Both of my paternal grandparents were Type 2 diabetics.  My grandmother died of a massive heart attack in her mid 60s, and my grandfather had part of his leg amputated soon thereafter.  My dad died at age 51 because of an infection that wouldn't heal because of his own Type 2 diabetes.  His sister, my aunt, died of cellulitis also complicated by her undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes and obesity.  She was also in her 50s.  I want more than that for what will hopefully be a much longer life.

I know this plan seems terribly restrictive, but it seems no more restrictive than the unwell feeling I've been experience for a few years now.  It's definitely no more restrictive than the lack of self confidence that comes with the slowly creeping accumulation of fat, the realization that joints hurt nearly all the time, and the ruinous series of headaches.

More than losing weight (that'd be cool), I'm looking forward to feeling better.  Taking deeper breaths.  Having healthy skin again (what's up with the sudden onset of eczema?).  Having less chronic pain from inflammation.  Those are the things I'm looking forward to.  I'm also looking forward to a more purposeful food lifestyle that celebrates sustainability, respect for resources, and a variety of other things.  The cookies, cake, and ice cream have been wreaking havoc on me.  I'm glad to have a good excuse to just let them go.

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Hi, Oldstormy,

I’m starting tomorrow, too. Excited to feel the changes, hopeful for a new nutritional lifestyle that sticks! I eat fairly well, have “undone” a Type II diagnosis, but continue as a pre-diabetic with A1Cs ranging in the high 5s to mid 6s. The struggle is real, especially with a familial predisposition. Let’s do this!

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