Hair loss from day 10. Is this common?

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I am on day 13. I am following whole30 meal template properly and happy with the results. Suddenly, I have started seeing hair fall increasing from day 10. I already have thin hair, hypothyroid and B12 deficiency. I am on medication for hypothyroid. I am not ready to loose more hair and look bald. 

Has any one experienced hair loss while on Whole30? Should I go and do blood test for thyroid and B12?

please advice. Thanks.

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Hair loss is not common. It probably wouldn't hurt to talk to your doctor and have some tests run to be sure your medication doesn't need to be changed.  



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Im on day 26 and today after  my shower I noticed suddenly a ton of hair started coming out.  Thats why I turned on the forum today to see if this is common.  Curious if you went to the dr?

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