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Tay's Whole30 Log, Starting Today 8/16/2018!


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I am so excited to be starting this program! I actually thought I started it two days ago, until I realized there was 1GRAM of sugar in my coconut milk I was putting my coffee. So, I reread the Whole30 book part about "black coffee not being hard" and decided to start afresh today! 

My goals: 

1. Kill the Sugar Dragon. Seriously. I've had it ever since I was a kid. Even though my background is in health, nutrition, and exercise, I still let my sugar dragon run. Time to say adios for good! 

2. Have more energy, sleep better. 

3. Feel more confident in my appearance! Knowing I am doing all I can do to have better health. And that that is enough. 

4. Complete my marathon training (first marathon is 6 months away!). I was a college athlete and have maintained relatively good shape, but there's still a long way for me to progress to get to my peak, and I believe the Whole30 will help me get there! 


Would love to hear any comments, advice, encouragements you may have <3 Happy to be joining the team! 


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Hi there. Be sure you're looking at the ingredients list for things like coconut milk, not the nutrition facts with the numbers and percentages. All plant-based foods have some naturally occurring sugar, so cans of tomatoes, coconut milk, olives, may all show some grams of sugar in the nutrition facts, but for Whole30 purposes, what you're looking for is the actual ingredients of that item. So, for instance, this coconut milk is 100% compliant, based on the ingredients, even though there are naturally occurring sugars in coconut that cause there to be 2 grams of sugar listed per serving:  https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/aroy-d-original-coconut-milk/6000187075638 

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