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For the Love of fruit..?

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I live in Florida and fruit has always been my go too... Can you please explain to me why we limit ourselves to 2 servings and with meals? Can I have it as a dessert, like a pint of raspberries as an example? Do we limit ourselves because of the sugar craving it may give or possible bloating?  Just thought that if I could understand a little better I may be able to control my fruit intake better ☺️ 

Btw...  if we eat more than two open and full of nuts, is that bad for us because of the fat and calorie intake? 

thanks for the help!


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There's a couple of reasons to limit fruit. One is that vegetables provide more nutrition with less calories/natural sugars, so we want you to concentrate on them to get the maximum nutrition. There is still nutrients and good stuff in fruit, you just get a little more bang for your buck in an equivalent amount of vegetables.  Another reason is the sugar cravings -- many people are used to sweet foods in the morning for breakfast or sweets to end a meal, and while replacing those with fruit may be an improvement, it's still feeding those same habits around sweets, and we want you to change those kinds of habits.

As for eating fruit with a meal, not on its own,  eating fruit alone is more likely to cause a spike in blood sugar in anyone who has any kind of insulin sensitivity issues, whereas eating it with a meal slows down how fast it is digested and is better for keeping blood sugar spikes from happening.

If occasionally you eat more fruit than the template calls for, it's not the end of the world. A lot of people eat more fruit in the spring and summer when it is abundant, and then naturally eat less in the winter, and it mostly evens out over time.

For the nuts, it is good to add fat to your meals, it is necessary to have fat in your diet, and whole30 doesn't really count calories or macros. Nuts don't have the best omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, which over time. The excess omega-6 is thought to contribute to heart disease and other issues. They can also cause digestive issues for many people, and they're really easy to overeat.

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