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Hi! I live in Michigan and am having a hard time finding bacon, other pork, and ground chicken that is pastured or at least less industrialized, even at the health food stores.  I am looking into delivery but I thought this would be a good place to get some feedback on a good and reasonably affordable service.  Thanks!

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If you click the "Whole30 Approved" menu at the top of the page, there are companies listed that would be a good place to start looking.

The only one I've used is US Wellness Meats (, and I was happy with them. There is a minimum order amount. If you want whole30 compliant bacon, theirs is good but expensive. They have some whole30 compliant sausages as well, if that's something you want.

There is also a company that is localish to me that I've bought from in person that will ship, but I can't speak to their packaging or minimum order requirements or anything since I've only bought in person, 

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