Breakfast ideas with no eggs and no meat

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I cannot eat eggs for medical reasons and I do not like breakfast meats. Any ideas or suggestions for breakfast? I was thinking fruit and almonds. I also thought of a sweet potato, but it sounds like I need to combine it with something else. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recipies. Thanks in advance! 

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We really, really recommend that you make all your meals meet the meal template, so a combo of protein, fat, and vegetables. For Whole30, nuts are fats, not protein, as they don't contain the same kind of complete proteins that eggs or meat contain. (Download the meal template here:

You don't have to eat things that are traditionally thought of as breakfast foods. You could have leftovers, or soup, or make up a vegetable hash with cooked ground beef or diced or shredded chicken. (Here's one recipe, but just google Whole30 hash to find others: You could do a baked sweet potato stuffed with ground meat seasoned any way that sounds good to you. 

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