Accidental dairy in breakfast taco?

Lisa F.

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I’m on Day 22 and think I may have accidentally had dairy yesterday. As a thank you for watching my girls yesterday, I picked up an order of tacos for a friend and our girls. I ordered mine without tortillas - one steak, eggs and spinach, the other eggs, bacon and avocado. No cheese or anything else. I thought this was compliant, but ever since eating them 15ish hours ago, I’ve had low-grade nausea, a rumbling stomach and have been waking all night. Now suspect that they may have cooked the eggs with milk. I’ve emailed to ask if they typically include milk but no answer yet.

So I’m trying to decide whether to continue or if I should end this Whole30 and begin reintroduction with dairy in earnest since it may be underway anyhow. (I’m not able to immediately restart due to upcoming  commitments, but if I do end it here intend to plan another full whole30 in the coming months.) I read the posts about accidentally consuming off-plan, but I’m not sure if this level of digestive distress would indicate that continuing would be pointless. I’m really disappointed that I hadn’t checked with the restaurant but it really hadn’t occurred to me in my hurry to pick up my kids. 

What would you do?


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It could have been milk in the eggs, it could have been soy in the steak marinade, or you could have caught a bug. 

If you're already feeling crummy, starting reintros isn't going to be a good idea. You'll have no way of knowing if you're reacting to whatever may have been in the tacos or whatever you just reintroduced. I'd finish out the Whole30, find out every ingredient that was in the tacos, and do those reintros last. It still won't be great, but it'll be better than if you start now. 

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