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Portion Size and no snacking


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Whole30 is great finished my 1st whole 30 a few days ago. Trying reintro and caught myself wanting to snack around 3pm. So - I checked in - did I eat enough at lunch? No. Not really. I ate too much fruit not enough veg. And not enough water. 


So my question is this - If I eat enough post whole 30 - I can continue to NOT have to snack right? It makes my life so much easier to just sit, eat mindfully and then go about my day. But, my body is triggered to want snacks if I don't eat enough or if I am feeling emotional etc....

I came from a calorie counting background. And I still fight the urge to log all my food. Is there some point where I can/should go back to that? 


Its so worth it! 

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If you continue to eat close to the whole30 meal template, especially if you stay pretty close to actual Whole30 meals, without adding in a lot of bread or pasta or other high-carb foods, you shouldn't need to snack. Part of the not needing to snack in Whole30 comes from being fat-adapted, so your body isn't just using carbs for fuel and then needing more once it burns through them. While it's not super low-carb and you can still have fruit and starchy vegetables, if you start having more carbs there could be a point where you go back to not being fat-adapted anymore, and you may notice you're hungry every 2-3 hours, you may experience more moodiness and being "hangry" if you go too long between meals. If you notice that's happening, go back to Whole30 eating until you feel better.

You never have to log your food and count calories. Some people find it helpful to keep a food journal where they write down what they've eaten and how they feel, physically and emotionally, as it allows them to see patterns in how food affects them.

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