DVeep's W30 v2: Jan 2013


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Day 1 and Day 2 were compliant but not stellar, meaning I'm struggling on my second round of W30.

I completed my first Whole30 in September, and was really glad I did. Had no problem with sugar cravings at Halloween. Thanksgiving was another story. The slide began with two pieces of GF pumpkin cheesecake, then a little of this and a little of that. Cans of butter cookies at work called to me (in fact there is one there now). I had been eating GF for 2 years, and then Paleo since January 2012, and rarely ate grains, but as December saw more of those "rare" moments, I knew it was imperative to get back on track to a healthier me.

Tired of feeling tired all over again, and battling poor digestion, I started my second W30 yesterday, Jan 1, 2013. I ordered my W30 Daily emails. My husband's "crutch" food got moved to the bottom shelf in the pantry so I can't see it, and at my request, (he knows better than to try to police me - I must do that myself) he removed the dark chocolate bars from my cupboard, and trashed the most excellent left-over naan from "Nicholas" a delicious and affordable Lebanese restaurant in Portland, OR.

This journey would be easier with some local support and the opportunity for some paleo potlucks. Alas, I can't interest any of my friends to join me. Last September, my husband did the W30 with me, but not this time. Yesterday was good. However today, although I took enough food to work with me, I made the mistake of not eating it at regular intervals. By the time I got home I started inhaling everything in sight and didn't stop until 10pm. All was W30 approved, and sufficient protein, but by not front-loading my food intake today, I definitely allowed my blood sugar to drop, resulting in consuming way too much food tonight. Ugh. Well, here's hoping for a smarter and brighter tomorrow. Time to hit the sack. Oh, and thanks for listening! -diana

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Day 10 ... still doing OK. Feeling better when I have sufficient sleep, which is a challenge to accomplish this January. I took on a volunteer position chairing a non-profit and it is taxing my sleep time and cooking time!

Wow, there sure are a lot of posts on the Whole30 topics to read and comment on. So many, that I had neglected my own topic. Well, I shall try to catch up on the weekend. For now, I'm off to bed, 2 hours after my preferred time.

Still consider my Whole30 a success. :)

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