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Fermented honey with garlic


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I have a fermentation book with many recipes for kraut, kimchi, kombucha, kvass, etc. Two of the things I would like input on I have not found in my searches, possibly because they are uncommon. 

The first is fermented honey with garlic. This is nothing more than a mason jar full of peeled garlic covered in honey. I use a fermentation weight to hold the garlic under the honey. It ferments for four weeks and is shelf stable after that. The final product is more like water in viscosity than honey any more. Though incredibly healthy for you, would the fermentation process use up enough of the natural sugars to make this Whole 30 compliant? It's great if you're ailing with the flu or a cold, and you can use the garlic like you would fresh peeled garlic.

The second is called shrub syrup. This one uses sugar dissolved in apple cider vinegar and then poured over a mason jar of berries. I've done strawberry, black raspberry, blueberry, and red raspberry syrups. Once again, this is lacto-fermented for four weeks but then is refrigerated. Like kombucha there is a secondary fermentation process where you use 1/2 cup syrup to 3 1/2 cups of water, add a few grains of yeast and get carbonation. This secondary fermentation takes about two or three days. Would this be Whole 30 compliant?

Does the fermentation process alter these foods enough to make them compliant? 

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I'm not sure about the honey garlic... is it still sweet or is it vinegary?  if it's still sweet then it has sugar left and that would be a no.  As far as the shrub, as long as no sweetner goes in after the first fermentation, then it would be fine like kombucha, however you indicate that you'd put 1/2 cup of syrup at the second fermentation which would make it off limits.

I would tend to leave both these aside for the 30 days and then add them back in your food freedom... depending on when you start your Whole30, if they're not started yet anyway, they wouldn't be done in time for your 30 days.

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